A Week of Symfony #753 (31 May – 6 June 2021)

This week, Symfony 5.3.0 version was released, followed by a 5.3.1 patch release to fix the first reported issues. Meanwhile, Symfony 4.4.25 and 5.2.10 maintenance versions were published. Finally, Symfony announced a 30% off summer sale on all certifications and most Symfony Store items for the next two weeks.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 54 pull requests were merged (40 in code and 14 in docs) and 61 issues were closed (52 in code and 9 in docs). Excluding merges, 31 authors made 20,914 additions and 8,235 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

b439213: [HttpFoundation] add ReturnTypeWillChange to SessionHandlers
f143c8f: [Form] document null support in NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer
d7524e6: [Console] escape synopsis output
3524cf2: [Serializer] do not allow to denormalize string with spaces only to valid a DateTime object
6eead34: [Security] fix opcache preload with alias classes

5.2 changelog:

1ec9a83: [SecurityBundle] link UserProviderListener to correct firewall dispatcher
26a6468: [FrameworkBundle] fix KernelBrowser::loginUser with a stateless firewall
c2f4492: [DependencyInjection] update loader’s directory when calling ContainerConfigurator::withPath
6eead34: [Security] fix opcache preload with alias classes

5.3 changelog:

a7049f7: [Translation] remove PoEditor Provider
852cc29: [FrameworkBundle] remove redundant cache service
16c382a: [FrameworkBundle] fix creating ContainerBuilder at warmup/CLI time
e008263: [FrameworkBundle] fix ConfigBuilderCacheWarmer
4500326: [HttpKernel] fix ArgumentMetadataFactory messes up controller arguments with attributes
e6510a0: [Security] readd deprecated methods to the interfaces
f8e021a: [Serializer, Validator] fix not null return from getCollectionValueTypes
198448e: relax requirement on symfony/runtime
5c2604a: [Validator] remove service if its class doesn’t exist
a02ac15: [Console] fix negated options not accessible

5.4 changelog:

e2d1cb1: [HttpKernel] fix sessionListener when factory is injected without session
2fe4442: [Yaml] leverage array_is_list()

6.0 changelog:

17800d1: [HttpFoundation] remove unused code for emulating SameSite cookie
fc37d3c: [Validator] rfc37d3cad5b37a8fb8a1a94d08380f1867a61f78emove deprecated code
51199a4: [Lock, Semaphore] add union types
1a01afb: [Messenger] add union types
7ce410e: [Validator] add union types
bf7201e: [WebLink] add missing types

Newest issues and pull requests

RateLimiterFactory is not extendable by others
[Cache] Add dynamodb cache adapter
[Form] Add ‚error_html‘ option
[Meta] Introduce an abstraction for PHP I/O function calls
[Meta] PHP 8.1 Support

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