A Week of Symfony #754 (7-13 June 2021)

This week, Symfony 5.3 continued fixing the bugs and issues reported after its recent release, whereas the upcoming Symfony 6.0 version (to be released in November 2021) continued adding PHP union types to its codebase. Meanwhile, the SymfonyWorld Online conference (June 17-18) announced that all talks will be delivered twice in different timezones. Finally, the 30% off Summer sale in Symfony Certifications and the Symfony Stored ends next week.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 70 pull requests were merged (57 in code and 13 in docs) and 29 issues were closed (27 in code and 2 in docs). Excluding merges, 26 authors made 1,720 additions and 1,032 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

fb79727: [FrameworkBundle, WebProfilerBundle] don’t pass null to string parameters
7445c3e: [Mime] fix CSV file mime type guess test for PHP 8.1
510be7a: [Config] backport type declarations
c17ed9e: [HttpFoundation] handle new tentative return types
dd2e605: [Process] fix incorrect parameter type
0fa07c6: [Config] fix tracking attributes in ReflectionClassResource
b6d9c47: updated Thai translations
2d699e3: updated Swedish translations

5.2 changelog:

5b21ce2: [HttpClient] throw exception when AsyncDecoratorTrait gets an already consumed response
a04effa: [HttpClient] fix compat with cURL <= 7.37

5.3 changelog:

91585e4: [PasswordHasher] prevent PHP fatal error when using auto algorithm
cc51438: [FrameworkBundle] sync logic to determine the default value
22fd960: [Serializer] fix not null get collection key types
c9cf773: [DependencyInjection] fix when@env inside imported files
e086194: [Notifier] escape dot char for Telegram transport
4988db2: [PasswordHasher] fix missing PasswordHasherAwareInterface allowed type
9595726: [PasswordHasher] remove PasswordHasherAwareInterface type from UserPasswordHasherInterface API
b8d824e: [Console] fix managing signals when commands are lazy loaded
57e1952: [Uid] realign inspect commands labels
74de6ec: [Runtime] fix overriding –env|-e with single-command apps
d583b4f: [DependencyInjection] fix parsing classes for attributes
f640e6c: [Console] fix using #[AsCommand] without DependencyInjection

5.4 changelog:

2a3c003: [VarDumper] add casters for Symfony UUIDs and ULIDs

6.0 changelog:

31f5d6b: [HttpClient] remove obsolete handling of cURL resources
f4ded44: [Intl] add union types
31ff51c: [Translation, Uid, VarExporter] add union types
89929c5: [Stopwatch, String, Templating] add union types
6215a77: [Routing] add union types
5c2fb3a: [Ldap] add union types
e5bbf62: [PasswordHasher] add union types

Newest issues and pull requests

[WebLink] Canonical Link builder
[Messenger] Add message priority feature for Messenger
[Console] Table helper vertical rendering
[Validator][DoctrineBridge] Automatic validation on ORM JoinColumn
Built-in ArgumentValueResolver for UIDs

They talked about us

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Using PHPStan to analyse Symfony Console Application
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Развертывание приложения Symfony в AWS Lambda

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