A Week of Symfony #760 (19-25 July 2021)

This week, Symfony development focused again on adding PHP types, which requires adding first all the missing return annotations in lower branches and then adding types to all private, internal, final and test methods in upper branches. In addition, the Logs panel of the Symfony Profiler was redesigned to make it more powerful and simpler to use.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 58 pull requests were merged (46 in code and 12 in docs) and 47 issues were closed (39 in code and 8 in docs). Excluding merges, 28 authors made 2,699 additions and 1,375 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

a239f68: [Form] fix ‚invalid_message‘ use in multiple ChoiceType
3413e23: [Mailer] make sure Http TransportException is not leaking
45015b9: [Translation] fix fallback to Locale::getDefault()
24a993a: [Console] fix table setHeaderTitle without headers
a5675d3, 8c84365: leverage str_starts_with, str_contains and str_ends_with
a0d0c22: [Lock] handle lock with long key
cccf5d1: improve usage of twig ternary
7713750: update Persian translations
dd43b32: update Dutch translations
a5752e0: update Croatian translations

5.2 changelog:

24ec4e0: [Notifier] allow passing a previous throwable to exceptions
e737bd2: [Console] run commands when implements SignalableCommandInterface without pcntl and they haven’t signals
a925325, 74d99ae: add missing @return annotations

5.3 changelog:

a734b90: [Translation] fix base_uri for Lokalise

5.4 changelog:

d46125a: [Notifier] add bridge for smsc.ru
d642f76: [Messenger, Redis] prepare turning delete_after_ack to true in 6.0
c1c973c: [WebProfilerBundle] redesigned the log section
cbe1f81: [FrameworkBundle] remove fileLinkFormat property from DebugHandlersListener

6.0 changelog:

97e1f1f: [Console, HttpKernel] implement psr/log 3
92de068: [Stopwatch] add types to private properties
eaa80d9: add return type unions to private/internal/final/test methods
33a6d00: [Messenger] remove BC layer around Redis delete_after_ack option

Newest issues and pull requests

[RateLimiter] SlidingWindow to use microtime() instead of time()
The default throw configuration in prod env is a bit odd

They talked about us

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