A Week of Symfony #771 (4-10 October 2021)

This week, Symfony continued adding tweaks to fix compatibility with the future PHP 8.1 version. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 5.4 version merged some new features such as basic support for language negotiation and a CssColor constraint to validate that a given value matches any of the formats available to define CSS colors.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 52 pull requests were merged (32 in code and 20 in docs) and 76 issues were closed (45 in code and 31 in docs). Excluding merges, 38 authors made 21,703 additions and 8,361 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

5d0a3a0: [HttpFoundation] update IANA response status code tests
4169843: [DependencyInjection] fix support for „new“ in initializers on PHP 8.1
57f5df5: [VarDumper] fix handling of „new“ in initializers on PHP 8.1
37d26fb: [Cache, Lock] fix SQLSRV throws for method_exists()
1231de6: [Cache] commit items implicitly only when deferred keys are requested
e591467: [HttpClient] fix missing kernel.reset tag on TraceableHttpClient services
ab7884c: [HttpFoundation] fix PHP 8.1 deprecation notice in IpUtils::checkIp()
adeae1a: update Chinese translation
8d203a9: update Finnish translation
a449800: update Slovenian translation
73bae10: update Bosnian translation
c798618: update Greek translation

5.3 changelog:

fb8d537: [Translation] do not export empty strings in Lokalise bridge
e5be65f: [Translation] use symfony default locale when pulling translations from providers
cf8d43e: [Form] fix ChoiceType to effectively set and use translator

5.4 changelog:

5a39496: [HttpFoundation] update http response messages of statuses 413 and 422
72cd43a: [Lock] use platform to identify the PDO driver
3e387cf: [HttpClient] add method to set response factory in mock client
a9810e0: move array_merge calls out of loops to improve performance
2100d7b: [Messenger] add a middleware to log when transaction has been left open
43f0161: [HttpKernel] add basic support for language negotiation
4868dd0: [MonologBridge] deprecate ResetLoggersWorkerSubscriber
ab7f816: [MonologBridge] deprecate the Swiftmailer handler
1c1e2d9: [VarDumper] declare that dd() never returns
fd3fba5: [VarDumper] returns a 500 when dd() is executed
428434c: [Validator] add CssColor constraint
7993530: [Messenger] log when worker should stop and when SIGTERM is received
626d9aa: [Messenger] add worker metadata inside logs

6.0 changelog:

143ecb3: add type to final/internal public/protected properties

Newest issues and pull requests

[RFC] Make masterminds/html5 a required dependency of dom-crawler
[HttpClient] Add support for client pool
[Serializer] Add a more global interface with all method implement by the implemantation
Using isGranted() without a Session

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