A Week of Symfony #785 (10-16 January 2022)

This week, Symfony fixed some issues related to PHP enums and improved the performance when using many environment variables in your application. Meanwhile, the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference finished its early bird period, but the Call for Papers is still open, so you can send your proposals until February 14, 2022.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 28 pull requests were merged (14 in code and 14 in docs) and 24 issues were closed (19 in code and 5 in docs). Excluding merges, 25 authors made 2,988 additions and 471 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

c7a5902: [FrameworkBundle] avoid calling rtrim on null values in AssetsInstallCommand
9f89250: [DependencyInjection] add iterable to possible binding type
727842f: [PropertyAccess] fix handling of uninitialized property of anonymous class
5f6d897: [HttpClient] fix resetting DNS/etc when calling CurlHttpClient::reset()
3974dc1: [DoctrineBridge] fix invalid guess with enumType

5.3 changelog:

01640e8: [FrameworkBundle] allow default cache pools to be overwritten by user

5.4 changelog:

6bffe41: [DependencyInjection] optimization of resolveEnvPlaceholders

6.1 changelog:

e875021: [Messenger] resolve handled classes when only method in tag is provided

Newest issues and pull requests

[Validator] Add multi decimal to alpha value for CssColor validator
[ExpressionLanguage] Allow dynamic access of object properties
[Mailer] HTML/Text template from string
[Mailer] Translatable subjects

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must-have tool when developing
Symfony applications on your local machine. It includes the
Symfony Local Server,
the best way to run local Symfony applications. This week Symfony CLI released
its new 5.0.9 version
with the following changes:

Update phpstore dep
Move install instructions to symfony.com
Make php:list logs more user friendly
Disable auto-updates of the Platform.sh CLI on cloud containers
Add our apt and yum repositories
Add more information about installation on the README page
Add a note about not upgrading manually when using a package manager

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony.
Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

(Video) Symfony 5 Security, Chapter 43: 2fa with TOTP (Time-Based One Time Password)
(Video) Symfony 5 Security, Chapter 44: Activating 2fa
(Video) Symfony 5 Security, Chapter 45: Rendering the QR Code
(Video) Symfony 5 Security, Chapter 46: QR Data & Scanning with an Authenticator App

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