A Week of Symfony #828 (7-13 November 2022)

This week, Symfony 6.2 continued polishing and fixing features before its final release at the end of November 2022: we tweaked the UserValueResolver priority and fixed some issues in the PSR-4 route loader. Finally, the SymfonyCon 2022 conference will take place next week in Disneyland Paris (France).

Symfony development highlights

This week, 24 pull requests were merged (22 in code and 2 in docs) and 47 issues were closed (45 in code and 2 in docs). Excluding merges, 20 authors made contributions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

1fd4b63: [Messenger] do not throw „no handlers“ exception when skipping handlers due to duplicate handling
969f19b: [Messenger] tell about messenger:consume invalid limit options
2e3ffe2: [PhpUnitBridge] fix language deprecations incorrectly marked as direct

5.4 changelog:

a671816: [HttpKernel] don’t try to wire Response argument with controller.service_arguments
d5ba532: [HttpClient] handle Amp HTTP client v5 incompatibility gracefully
1d2e025: [Console] fix console ProgressBar::override() after manual ProgressBar::cleanup()

6.1 changelog:

300dc26: [FrameworkBundle] explicitly disable HTTP method overrides in tests

6.2 changelog:

91b2bca: [Routing] fix PSR-4 directory loader for abstract classes
2596a1f: [Mime] when serializing File parts convert to string to allow proper unserialization
fec1de7: [Security] remove extra call to check if Session exists
36e240c: [Validator] add the type for ConstraintValidatorTestCase::createValidator
860d86a: [SecurityBundle] set UserValueResolver priority higher than EntityValueResolver
4618856: [FrameworkBundle] split loggers debug compiler pass
8eac401: [WebProfilerBundle] minor tweaks in profiler redesign
ea9ed6c: [Routing] make sure enums don’t confuse the PSR-4 loader

Newest issues and pull requests

[Symfony/Mailer] support STMP over an unix stream socket
[Translation] Use objects as param like with Twig
[Translation] Default parameters

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must-have tool when developing
Symfony applications on your local machine. It includes the
Symfony Local Server,
the best way to run local Symfony applications. This week Symfony CLI released
its new 5.4.18
version with the following changes:

Run goreleaser release instead of build for PR (@tucksaun)
Always run gorelease build except for tags (@tucksaun)
Give more visibility to Cloudsmith (@fabpot)
Allow security:check to work in Docker images (@tucksaun)
Add multiarch (amd64/arm64) support for Docker images (@tucksaun)
Add Docker image releasing (ghcr.io/symfony-cli/symfony-cli) (@shyim)

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony.
Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

(Video) Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency, Chapter 6: Builder in Symfony & with a Factory
(Video) Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency, Chapter 7: The Observer Pattern
(Video) Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency, Chapter 8: The Observer Class
(Video) PHPUnit: Unit Testing with a Bite!, Chapter 16: Setup and Tearing It Down

They talked about us

Tips for a PayPal implementation with Symfony in 2022
How to setup Symfony Messenger in 5 minutes
Do not drop your database content when adding Translatable to an existing project
Implementing Builder Pattern in PHP and Symfony like a boss!
Deploy a Symfony website to multiple droplets on DigitalOcean
Symfony 6: User Authentication
Symfony 6 and EasyAdmin 4: Admin Panel for User Management System
Symfony 6 and EasyAdmin 4: Hashing password
Symfony 6 and Lexik JWT Bundle 2: Auth with JSON Web Token
Symfony 6 and JWT bundles: Refresh token
Cómo crear y usar una función DQL en Symfony

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