A Week of Symfony #830 (21-27 November 2022)

This week, the first release candidate of Symfony 6.2 was published in preparation for the final version release in a few days. Meanwhile, Symfony announced its Black Friday 2022 discounts and the program for the upcoming SymfonyWorld Online 2022 conference.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 47 pull requests were merged (28 in code and 19 in docs) and 17 issues were closed (14 in code and 3 in docs). See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

0f670bb: [DependencyInjection] process bindings in ServiceLocatorTagPass
51cdc3a: [HttpKernel] fix message for unresovable arguments of invokable controllers

5.4 changelog:

dd304b3: [PropertyInfo] ignore const expressions read by phpdocumentor
3f6d50f: [Notifier] fix true/false mismatch for test_mode option in SMSBiuras
961dcec: [FrameworkBundle] do not wire the MercureTransportFactory if the MercureBundle is not enabled
7d1147c: [Yaml] parse unquoted digits in tag values as integers

6.2 changelog:

2dc0670: add more SensitiveParameter attributes in the code
648d84f: [HttpFoundation] rename session expiry index
521d210: [HttpKernel] remove duplicate+unclear deprecation
0f670bb: [DependencyInjection] process bindings in ServiceLocatorTagPass
9eafa3e: [VarExporter] list required properties in lazy traits
19940ff: [Security] support loading UserBadge directly from accessToken
894adcb: [VarExporter] improve partial-initialization API for ghost objects
ea658c4: [Clock] implement PSR-20
25026b3: [SecurityBundle] fix logout.csrf_token_generator default value
a97d79a: [FrameworkBundle] fix too eager deprecations for PhpAstExtractor

Newest issues and pull requests

Maximum expected lock duration for rate limiter
[Mailer] Option to enforce STARTTLS
[HttpKernel] Post request with HttpCache should not invalidate cache
[Serializer] Allow to serialize to parent class if none match for DiscriminatorMap

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony.
Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

(Video) Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency, Chapter 10: Publish-Subscriber (PubSub)
(Video) Design Patterns for Fun and Proficiency, Chapter 11: Pub Sub Event Class & Subscribers in Symfony
(Video) Netgen Layouts: Building Pages with Symfony, Chapter 6: Adding Lists: Value Type
(Video) Netgen Layouts: Building Pages with Symfony, Chapter 7: Value Converter
(Video) Netgen Layouts: Building Pages with Symfony, Chapter 8: Item View Template

They talked about us

Centralized exception handling with Symfony and custom PHP attributes
Symfony Station Communiqué – 25 November 2022
Create a custom channel into Symfony Notifier
How to Encrypt And Decrypt a varchar with doctrine and Symfony
We are open-sourcing a silly Slack bot, guess what it does!
Retour Sur le SymfonyCon 2022
Introduction à l’API REST avec Symfony 6 & DB sous docker
Retour sur la SymfonyCon 2022 (Les-Tilleuls.coop)

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