A Week of Symfony #844 (27 February – 5 March 2023)

This week, Symfony 5.4.21 and 6.2.7 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 version added support for managing command exit code while handling signals. Lastly, the SymfonyOnline June 2023 conference announced that you can submit your papers until March 6.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 33 pull requests were merged (10 in code and 23 in docs) and 48 issues were closed (40 in code and 8 in docs). Excluding merges, 16 authors made 8,565 additions and 7,336 deletions. See details for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

7be1d8d: [Security] migrate the session on login only when the user changes
c7b787b: [DependencyInjection] fix dumping array of enums parameters
10c73d3: [HttpClient] fix encoding „+“ in URLs

6.2 changelog:

7be1d8d: [Security] migrate the session on login only when the user changes

6.3 changelog:

5b1a20d: [TwigBridge] fix TwigDataCollector::getTime() return type
ad86f72: [Console] add support for managing exit code while handling signals
21c8789: [Serializer] add a context to allow invalid values in BackedEnumNormalizer

Newest issues and pull requests

[DoctrineBridge] Deprecate passing Doctrine subscribers to ContainerAwareEventManager
[Security] add argument target support for #[IsGranted]

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony.
Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates
of the week:

(Video) API Platform 3: Mythically Good RESTful APIs, Chapter 27: Subresources
(Video) API Platform 3: Mythically Good RESTful APIs, Chapter 28: React Admin

They talked about us

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