A Week of Symfony #886 (18-24 December 2023)

This week, Symfony continued fixing bugs in maintained versions and adding new features to the upcoming Symfony 7.1 version, such as a rate_limiter tag and new types in the Type constraint. In addition, we published the last Twig 2 release.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 72 pull requests were merged (57 in code and 15 in docs) and 45 issues were closed (31 in code and 14 in docs). Excluding merges, 37 authors code additions and deletions. See details for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

37708cb: [Serializer] keep stack trace for enum value denormalizer error
3c53ccb: [Serializer] fix partial denormalization with missing constructor arguments
ddf3bcb: [DoctrineBridge] add check for lazy object interface
58c4522: [Serializer] do not instantiate object if it is not instantiable
ac3141a: [Notifier] provide EventDispatcher and HttpClient to the transport
2d8a41a: [WebProfilerBundle] fix JS error when evaluating scripts
50606d3: [FrameworkBundle] don’t fail when optional dependencies are not present
9fa1f92: [Validator] update Uzbek translation
fc05e0e: [Validator] update Portuguese translation
e2b7fd6: [Validator] update Macedonian translation

6.3 changelog:

f99e1a0: [Mailer] add the MailPace transport to the UnsupportedSchemeException
34d44eb: [SecurityBundle] prevent to login/logout without a request context

6.4 changelog:

de3b253: [Doctrine Bridge] change ProxyCacheWarmer::warmUp signature
dfa5e5d: [Mailer] disable tls for Mailjet as it should use STARTTLS
5534989: [AssetMapper] fix URL pattern when importing es-module-shims
a41993a: [Contracts] allow psr/container 1.1 again
d676858: [FrameworkBundle] add missing webhook services for Brevo and Mailjet
cf85540: [DoctrineBridge] fix global query time always at 0.00 ms on profiler

7.1 changelog:

c468b5f: [Notifier] add Bluesky to the UnsupportedSchemeException
f99e1a0: [Mailer] add the MailPace transport to the UnsupportedSchemeException
e7c92a4: [VarDumper] add default message for dd function
685e034: [FrameworkBundle] add rate_limiter tag to rate limiter services
6f1f88f: [Validator] add list and associative_array types to Type constraint

Newest issues and pull requests

[AssetMapper] Allow to scope all imports under a prefix
[CssSelector] Support has CSS selector
[Security] Prevent timing attacks on authentication

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony.
Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about
Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

This week, SymfonyCasts continued publishing videos of a new course called 30 Days with LAST Stack which is free until January 15, 2024:

(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 17: Fancier Toasts: Auto-close & Fading
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 18: Turbo Streams: Update any Element
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 19: HTML dialog for Modals
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 20: AJAX Modal!
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 21: Fantastic Modal UX with a Loading State
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 22: Fancy things on Modal Form Success
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 23: More with fun Modals! Editing & Deleting
(Video) 30 Days with LAST Stack, Chapter 24:Turbo Stream Responses

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