A Week of Symfony #888 (1-7 January 2024)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on the translation files used by the Validator and Security components, completing many missing translations and normalizing the file contents. Meanwhile, Symfony 7.1 added support for custom HTTP status codes in the MapQueryParameter attribute, introduced a new ServiceCollectionInterface and added Stringable interface support in all constraints. Lastly, we simplified the versioning of Symfony Docs.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 108 pull requests were merged (89 in code and 19 in docs) and 54 issues were closed (46 in code and 8 in docs). Excluding merges, 44 authors made 5,276 additions and 2,903 deletions. See details for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

02ff4c6: [Form] make sure that the submitted year is an accepted choice
d70b158: [Serializer] fix using deserialization path 5.4
26ad649: URL decode username and passwords from parse_url() results
46ce601: [FrameworkBundle] append instead of replacing potentially non-existent named-arguments
9069d14: [Form, Security, Validator] normalize translation files
e3d9fd2: [FrameworkBundle] fix Notifier service registration (MessageBird + TurboSms)
218313e: [Validator] re-allow an empty list of fields
22dc6a7: [Messenger] Amazon SQS Delay has a max of 15 minutes
568fab1, ba51e40: [Validator] updated Hungarian translation
6344b56: [Validator] updated Albanian translation
740987c, 73cd81e: [Validator] updated Serbian translation
bf62cbe: [Validator] updated Polish translation
df36583: [Validator] updated Latvian translation
e971194: [Validator] updated Ukrainian translation
80d7d65: [Validator] updated Croatian translation
791ca62: [Validator] updated Indonesian translation
8b8826b: [Validator] updated Slovak translation
3cc4fcd: [Validator] updated Luxembourgish translation
6789065: [Validator] updated Greek translation
d60753c: [Validator] updated Azerbaijani translation
d063f92: [Validator] updated Slovenian translation
19036b3: [Validator] updated Bulgarian translation
14768d7: [Validator] updated Danish translation
0e40369: [Validator] updated Turkish translation
b7b684f: [Validator] updated Russian translation
8298c25: [Validator] updated Czech translation
8ae985c: [Validator] updated Macedonian translation
6010db4: [Validator] updated Portuguese translation
b9b6396: [Validator] updated French translation
2cd0493: [Validator] updated Spanish translation
355081e: [Translation] add missing translations using ChatGPT
7cb70ae: [Validator] added missing Finnish, Italian, and Serbian Cyryllic translations

6.3 changelog:

e79914a: [Cache] synchronize RelayProxy

6.4 changelog:

a84d42b: [Scheduler] separate id and description in message providers
712ccf5: [Messenger] fix Redis messenger scheme comparison
2e73037: [Form] fix assigning data in PostSetDataEvent and PostSubmitEvent
635afca: [Serializer] fix BC break with #[Ignore] attribute in GetSetMethodNormalizer
a1ca059: [ErrorHandler] fix rendering exception pages without the HttpKernel component

7.1 changelog:

0766167: [HttpKernel] add support for custom HTTP status code for the #[MapQueryParameter] attribute
c8adc20: [FrameworkBundle] add a private_ranges shortcut for trusted_proxies
b9c61b6: [Dotenv] add SYMFONY_DOTENV_PATH, consumed by debug:dotenv for custom .env path
a84d42b: [Scheduler] separate id and description in message providers
82e0eff: [Contracts] add ServiceCollectionInterface in DependencyInjection
4266345: [Validator] support Stringable instances in all constraints
b92bdc0: [Mailer, Notifier] add more #[SensitiveParameter] attributes
67f3809: [Uid] add AbstractUid::toString()
e3e518b: [Notifier, PropertyInfo, VarDumper] remove unused code
21f8f8e: [Messenger] add jitter parameter to MultiplierRetryStrategy
c2bc884: [Clock] return Symfony ClockInterface in ClockSensitiveTrait

Newest issues and pull requests

[Uid] Please add ::toString() method to Symfony/Uid
[Serializer] Allow the mapped object in discriminator mapping to be other type than string
[Twig-Bridge] [RFC] Allow to declare twig extensions via config
[Routing] Use Language only to look for a fallback-route in i18n routes, like in the translator

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must-have tool when developing
Symfony applications on your local machine. It includes the
Symfony Local Server,
the best way to run local Symfony applications. This week Symfony CLI released
its new 5.7.8
version with the following changes:

Bump deps (@fabpot)

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