A Week of Symfony #906 (6-12 May 2024)

This week, Symfony continued tweaking and polishing the new features of Symfony 7.1, which will be released at the end of May 2024. Meanwhile, we published some blog posts showcasing Symfony 7.1 features such as the new TypeInfo component, the IsCsrfTokenValid attribute, new constraints, the MapUploadedFile attribute and some WebProfiler improvements. Lastly, we published more talks for the SymfonyOnline June 2024 online conference.

Symfony development highlights

5.4 changelog:

6750f6c: [PasswordHasher] make bcrypt nul byte hash test tolerant to PHP related failures

6.4 changelog:

68ffeba: [Mailer] use DataPart::getContentId() when DataPart::setContentId() is used in Sendgrid
fdcf741: [WebProfilerBundle] fix assignment to constant variable
3de527c: [Messenger] don’t drop stamps when message validation fails
0704e4e: [VarExporter] fix ProxyHelper::generateLazyProxy() when a method returns null

7.1 changelog:

8826db2: [Messenger] fix missing import
5a00a8b: [Messenger] don’t mark EnvelopeAwareExceptionInterface internal

Newest issues and pull requests

Add a flag to sort debug:router output by alphabetical order
[FrameworkBundle] exclude constraints from container

They talked about us

Symfony Station Communiqué – 10 May 2024
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Using Symfony Messenger to Manage Message Queues in Symfony
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Unlock the Secrets of Symfony’s Kernel Events: What Every Developer Must Know!
Database referential integrity with Doctrine
Utilizzare Symfony Messenger per gestire code di messaggi in Symfony

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