A Week of Symfony #907 (13-19 May 2024)

This week, the first release candidate version of Symfony 7.1 was published so you can test it in your own projects before the stable release in two weeks. Meanwhile, we continued publishing more talks and information about the upcoming SymfonyOnline June 2024 conference.

Symfony development highlights

5.4 changelog:

58e1082: remove calls to getMockForAbstractClass()
ac30c7e: remove calls to TestCase::iniSet() and calls to deprecated methods of MockBuilder
c656ad1: [String] fix folded in compat mode
1b258e1: [HttpFoundation] filter out empty HTTP header parts
6049793: [ErrorHandler] do not call xdebug_get_function_stack() with xdebug >= 3.0 when not in develop mode
03465f2: [Security] add missing plural translation messages
a8a31e6: [Validator] IBAN check digits should always between 2 and 98
f68a8df: [Filesystem] fix dumpFile stat failed error hitting custom handler
e86406f: [PhpUnitBridge] fix DeprecationErrorHandler with PhpUnit 10
a03ad0e: [Serializer] fix CurrentType for missing property
69d10fe: [PropertyInfo] update DoctrineExtractor for new DBAL 4 BIGINT type

6.4 changelog:

b49df79: [Process] return false when open_basedir prevents access to /dev/tty
e4bd593: [Serializer] improve exception message in UnwrappingDenormalizer

7.1 changelog:

14a104a: [PropertyInfo] remove no longer needed deprecation contracts
744e54b: [DoctrineBridge] fix setting validated fields not using the options array
ad68f73: [VarDumper] adapt namespace changes for new DOM extension classes
aa493f2: [TwigBridge, WebProfilerBundle] require Twig 3.10
0d6452b: add Les-Tilleuls.coop as a sponsor of Symfony 7.1
bb91614: [Serializer] fixed an attempt to read property value on string
4e01371: [DependencyInjection] process PHP configs using the ContainerConfigurator

Newest issues and pull requests

[AssetMapper] Support minifying
[Lock] Add max wait time to acquire
[Mime] Allow custom encoders for parts

They talked about us

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