A Week of Symfony #909 (27 May – 2 June 2024)

This week, Symfony 7.1.0 was released. We also upgraded the official Symfony book to Symfony 6.4. Meanwhile, we published more details about the SymfonyOnline June 2024 conference that will take place next week and about the accommodation for the next SymfonyCon Vienna 2024.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 39 pull requests were merged (33 in code and 6 in docs) and 37 issues were closed (31 in code and 6 in docs). Excluding merges, 20 authors made 2,502 additions and 8,678 deletions. See details for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

3fa0149: [VarDumper] fix generator dump on PHP 8.4
9e22055: [Mime] fixed Message::ensureValidity() when a required header is set, but has an empty body
8d08a73: [Mime] fix PHP 7 compatibility
f7de3e1: [Mailer] fix sendmail transport failure handling and interactive mode
75ddcbb: fix autoload configs to avoid warnings when building optimized autoloaders

6.4 changelog:

9b50a92: [Scheduler] throw an exception when no dispatcher has been passed to a Schedule

7.1 changelog:

f6a28d4: [DoctrineBridge] revert deprecating by-{id} mapping of entities
54d6c0b: [Serializer] fix denormalizing a collection of union types
7a7361f: [SecurityBundle] fix container.build_hash parameter binding
d1e5c97: fix autoload configs to avoid warnings when building optimized autoloaders
a2890a6: [DoctrineBridge] fix UniqueEntityValidator with proxy object

7.2 changelog:

f6a5cbd: [Translation] add lint:translations command
6609544, fbcdba1: use constructor property promotion
6a888e8: [PropertyInfo] add static cache to PhpStanExtractor
838ff87: [Mime] support custom encoders in mime parts
f7c87b0: [Notifier] add Primotexto bridge
e8bd4f1: [ExpressionLanguage] support non-existent names when followed by null coalescing
77ed125: [Notifier] add button block element and emoji/verbatim options to Slack section block
f73a301: [TypeInfo] proxies methods to non-nullable and fail gracefully

Newest issues and pull requests

[HttpKernel] Add before and after hooks to controller actions
[Webhook] allow to specify the message bus to use to dispatch ConsumeRemoteEventMessage
[TypeInfo] Add support for Uid
[HtmlDumper] – Change $themes and $displayOptions to public static
[WebProfilerBundle][Workflow] Large workflow diagrams in Profiler

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