A Week of Symfony #914 (1-7 July 2024)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on removing the usages of the uniqid() function throughout the codebase, because there are better alternatives in modern PHP and because PHP might deprecate that function in the future. In addition, we published some information about the API Platform Conference (September 19-20, 2024).

Symfony development highlights

This week, 33 pull requests were merged (24 in code and 9 in docs) and 26 issues were closed (22 in code and 4 in docs). Excluding merges, 22 authors made 976 additions and 836 deletions. See details for code and docs.

5.4 changelog:

e6c59eb: [Mailer] force HTTP 1.1 for Mailgun API requests
cdd7595: [Routing] discard in-memory cache of routes when writing the file-based cache
2ad804f: [Messenger] passing actual Envelope to WorkerMessageRetriedEvent
e67bfc1: [PropertyInfo] handle collection in PhpStan same as PhpDoc
737d519: [String] test kebab-case to snake_case
b437362: [Cache] use copy() instead of rename() on Windows

7.2 changelog:

ad1d385: [PsrHttpMessageBridge] remove a redundant check in HttpFoundationFactory class
68b2e16: [PsrHttpMessageBridge] remove uniqid() from tempnam() calls
8a4899d: remove useless uniqid in tempnam calls in tests
0fde17e: [TwigBridge] remove random file name for lint:twig output in case of error
68a5704: [TwigBridge] use constant var name to cache trans_default_domain expression result
79165a4: [Routing] remove unused is_object() check
da3a280: [Serializer] remove ArrayDenormalizer::setDenormalizer
0a340be: [Translation] enhance the locale handling when linting translations
28ead3e: [String] add TruncateMode mode to truncate methods
25b881a: [Notifier] add Sipgate bridge
0d77a05: [Notifier] remove the Gitter bridge
00a36a7: do not use uniqid() in tests

Newest issues and pull requests

[Config] Support passing the value of backed enums in enumNode
[DomCrawler] Leverage PHP 8.4 DOM addition of native query selectors
[FrameworkBundle] Add flag to sort debug:router output
[TypeInfo] Redesign Type methods and nullability
[Config] Add support for stringNode in config component

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