Calling SaaS providers to back their Symfony bridge

Would you like to put your brand ahead of the Symfony community? Make your Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy a reality? The-Fast-Track book for v6 or SymfonyWorld Online conference next month are still open for sponsorship!

But in this blog post, I’d like to make a specific call to SaaS providers for whom Symfony has a bridge (aka plugins).

Are you working at Amazon? Or know someone who could help with this? Mailchimp anyone? Mailgun, Mailjet, OhMySmtp, Postmark, Sendgrid or Sendinblue? You work for a translation provider? Crowdin, Loco or Lokalise? Or maybe you’re providing notification services, whatever that means? AllMySms, Clickatell, Discord, Esendex, FakeChat, FakeSms, Firebase, FreeMobile, GatewayApi, Gitter, GoogleChat, Infobip, Iqsms, LightSms, LinkedIn, Mattermost, MessageBird, MessageMedia, MicrosoftTeams, Mobyt, Nexmo, Octopush, OvhCloud, RocketChat, Sinch, Slack, Smsapi, SmsBiuras, Smsc, SpotHit, Telegram, Telnyx, TurboSms, Twilio, Yunpian or Zulip?

Symfony has many bridges with SaaS providers for its Mailer, Messenger, Notifier and Translation components. Those bridges are open-source, have been provided for free by volunteers and are maintainted with high-quality standards by the community for the time to come.

But why should the Symfony community maintain those bridges when most of those services are commercial ones in the first place? Instead of answering this question philosophically, we look at it in terms of economic dynamics: because Symfony is a high-impact and high-visibility project, contributing a bridge to it provides maximum value to the community. Yes, maintenance is not cheap. But as with any OSS software, its users are in charge. This means that bridges are provided on a best effort basis.

But we can do better: any specific SaaS provider in the list above is certainly looking for more users, if not for more clients. Did I mention that Symfony is a high-impact and high-visibility project? This also means that Symfony is a great marketing opportunity!

By sponsoring the bridge that integrates with your company’s services, you’ll get extra visibility that could lead to new clients. You’ll also send a message of responsibility to your current clients, and you’ll ensure that maintaining this bridge is worthwhile for Symfony.

Please browse our support page, select „Symfony Backers“ and send us a message so we can get back to you with all the program details, including pricing and availability. I look forward to hearing from you.

PS: Did you spot it? Notably missing from the list above is the Mercure bridge for Notifier. The reason is that already sponsors it. Thanks to them!

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