Come celebrate the release of API Platform 3 in two weeks at the API Platform Conference!

API Platform is a popular framework for creating web APIs and API-first projects that emerged from the Symfony community. It is the recommended and most popular solution for adding a REST/HATEOAS or GraphQL API to your Symfony project. It also allows users to easily build Next.js, Nuxt.js and mobile applications from the API definition.

API Platform 3 is around the corner (test the beta ?), and this new major version comes with a ton of improvements and new features! Come to the second edition of the API Platform Conference to discover all of them, and more!

The conference will take place in two weeks in Lille (France) and online. More than 25 speakers from all over the world and from various communities will share their knowledge about API Platform, Symfony, PHP, API best practices, Cloud infrastructures or real-time apps.

Join API enthusiasts on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September 2022 at Euratechnologies and/or online. The main track is in English and another track is in French. Both will be broadcasted live on Livestorm. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect:

API Platform maintainers and contributors including Antoine “Soyuka” Bluchet, Grégoire Hebert and Mathias Arlaud will reveal all the new features that have been developed for API Platform 3.
Symfony Core Team members Nicolas Grekas, Robin Chalas and Kévin Dunglas will be there to share their knowledge.
World-renowned API experts including Darrel Miller (OpenAPI / IETF / Microsoft), Mehdi Medjaoui (founder of Apidays and, co-author of „Continuous API Management“ published by O’Reilly) and Ruben Verborgh (MIT’s Solid Project, decentralized web researcher) will teach you how to build maintainable and fast web APIs.
Real-time and async API specialists including Fran Mendez (creator of AsyncAPI), Pauline Vos (Websockets expert) and Brian McLusey (Mercure expert) will teach you how to update your apps in live when something occurs.
Free software contributors such as Francis Lavoie (Caddy web server Core Team), Łukasz Chruściel (Sylius Team Lead) and Florent “Spomky” Morselli (JWT Framework, Webauthn lib creator…) will present their work.

The entire conference schedule is published, see on the event’s website all the talks and speakers you can listen to. On top of this, you can get API Platform specific trainings before the D-day:

Tuesday 13/09: Design and development of an API-first project with API Platform 3, with Kévin Dunglas and Antoine Bluchet. Discover how to use API Platform 3, as a new project or on top of your existing Symfony application and leverage its main features to build a REST (HATEOAS) web API.
Wednesday 14/09: Domain Driven Design with API Platform 3, with Robin Chalas and Mathias Arlaud. Get an introduction to Domain Driven Design with an overview of its main concepts and see how it plays with API Platform 3.

The workshops and the conference can be attended separately or you can book a combo ticket to be at both!

This week in Lille is going to be very intense. Come and enjoy the API Platform 3 release party by the Deûle river on Thursday 16/09, meet all the event partners at their booths and win their various swags… If you want to contribute to API Platform you can even extend the week and join the registrants to a hackday planned on Saturday 17/09 with the API Platform core team.

Any questions about the event? Contact, API Platform Con’s organizers.

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