Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.11.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

scoutapm 1.6.0
– Added support for PHP 8.1 (#101)
Added Support for PHP 8.1 version.
datadog_trace 0.68.2
### Changed
– Clean up #1442


Replace direct access of meta/metrics zvals by safe array access in most places #1440
Always separate meta and metrics arrays on access #1441
Bump profiling to v0.3.0-rc.6 (fixes some linking bugs) #1444

memprof 3.0.2
## Improvements
– PHP 8.1 support (@remicollet)
– Added parameter types and return types (@remicollet)
– dump_on_limit: Append the profile filename to the „Allowed memory size of %d
bytes exhausted“ error message (@arnaud-lb)
– Added memprof_version() function (@arnaud-lb)


Fixed compatibility issue with xdebug (@arnaud-lb)

rdkafka 6.0.0
# Changes since 5.x


PHP 8.1 support (@remicollet, @ruudk, @nick-zh)
Added parameter types (when built with PHP>=8.0) (@arnaud-lb)
Added tentative return types (when built with PHP>=8.1) (@arnaud-lb)


PHP 8.1: Overloading php-rdkafka methods without specifying a return type
will trigger a deprecation message unless annotated with

Changes since 6.0.0RC2


Fix newTopic() arginfo (#502, @arnaud-lb)

gRPC 1.43.0
– gRPC Core 1.43.0 update
phalcon 5.0.0beta2
Full changelog can be found at:


PhalconMvcViewEngineVoltCompiler::functionCall() to check for container presence before checking the tag service #15842

PhalconDiFactoryDefault() to set assets and tag as shared services #15847

PhalconFormsElementAbstractElement::getLocalTagFactory() to return the tagFactory from itself, the form, the DI or a new instance #15847

Changed references to sha1 with hash("sha256", $data) to ensure that there are no collisions from the hashing algorithm #15844

Changed PhalconSupportHelperStrCamelize to accept a third boolean parameter indicating whether the result will have the first letter capitalized or not #15850


Added PhalconSupportHelperStrKebabCase, PhalconSupportHelperStrPascalCase and PhalconSupportHelperStrSnakeCase helpers #15850

weakreference_bc 0.4.1
– Fix windows build issues.
– Stop using the nonstandard `ulong` type.
– Fix typo in PECL conflicts section with weakref PECL.
– Change configure flag to enable/disable this extension to –enable-weakreference_bc
weakreference_bc 0.4.0
– Fork this from the abandoned „weakref“ PECL to provide WeakMap for php 7.0-7.4 and WeakReference for php 7.0-7.3
– Fix compilation errors for WeakMap in php 7.4
– Rename WeakRef to WeakReference to act as a polyfill for WeakReference in php before php 7.4.
– Make WeakReference constructor throw and require the use of WeakReference::create, like php 7.4
– Fix edge cases when destructor of an old value modifies the weakmap during an update.
– Strictly prevent the creation of dynamic properties on a WeakReference.
protobuf 3.19.2
* No new changes in 3.19.2
protobuf 3.18.2
* No new changes in 3.18.2
imagick 3.7.0RC1
– Added:
* function Imagick::deleteOption(string $option): bool {}
* function Imagick::getBackgroundColor(): ImagickPixel {}
* function Imagick::getImageArtifacts(string $pattern = „*“): array {}
* function Imagick::getImageKurtosis(): array {}
* function Imagick::getImageMean(): array {}
* function Imagick::getImageRange(): array {}
* function Imagick::getInterpolateMethod(): int {}
* function Imagick::getOptions(string $pattern = „*“): array {}
* function Imagick::getOrientation(): int {}
* function Imagick::getResolution(): array {}
* function Imagick::getType(): int {}
* function Imagick::implodeImageWithMethod(float $radius, int $pixel_interpolate_method): bool {}
* function Imagick::oilPaintImageWithSigma(float $radius, float $sigma)
* function Imagick::polaroidWithTextAndMethod(ImagickDraw $settings, float $angle, string $caption, int $method): bool {}
* function Imagick::polynomialImage(array $terms): bool {}
* function Imagick::setDepth(int $depth): bool {}
* function Imagick::setExtract(string $geometry): bool {}
* function Imagick::setInterpolateMethod(int $method): bool{}
* function Imagick::setOrientation(int $orientation): bool {}
* function Imagick::spreadImageWithMethod(float $radius, int $interpolate_method): bool {}
* function Imagick::swirlImageWithMethod(float $degrees, int $interpolate_method): bool {}
* function Imagick::waveImageWithMethod(float $amplitude, float $length, int $interpolate_method): bool {}
– Changed:
* Imagick::setImageArtifact can now take null for the string value.
* Return type for Imagick::getImageArtifact is string|null instead of string.
lzf 1.7.0
– drop support for PHP 7.1 and older
– add type hinting
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