Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.26.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

swoole 4.6.2
New APIs

Added Http::Request::getMethod() (#3987) (@luolaifa000)
Added Coroutine::Socket:recvLine() (#4014) (@matyhtf)
Added Socket::readWithBuffer() (#4017) (@matyhtf)


Improved Response::create() (#3998) (@matyhtf)
Supported CoroutineRedis::hExists return bool with compatibility_mode (swoole/swoole-src@b8cce7c) (@matyhtf)
Supported PHP_NORMAL_READ for socket_read (swoole/swoole-src@b1a0dcc) (@matyhtf)


Fixed Coroutine::defer coredump in PHP8 (#3997) (@huanghantao)
Fixed Coroutine::Socket::errCode is not set correctly when using thread context (swoole/swoole-src@004d08a) (@matyhtf)
Fixed build Swoole error on latest macos (#4007) (@matyhtf)
Fixed php stream context is nullptr when use md5_file with url (#4016) (@ZhiyangLeeCN)
Fixed rshutdown deprecated warning when throw exception (#4026) (@huanghantao)


Used AIO thread hook stdio instead of coroutine socket (#4002) (@matyhtf)
Refactor HttpContext (#3998) (@matyhtf)
Refactor Process::wait() (#4019) (@matyhtf)

timezonedb 2021.1
Updated to version 2021.1 (2021a)
zstd 0.10.0
– Added APCu serialization support
– Updated built-in zstd library to 1.4.8
smbclient 1.0.4
Check if smbc_setOptionProtocols is available, as at least one distro might have a libsmbclient that is too old.
smbclient 1.0.3
Add client min/max protocol to streams, and make either min/max optional.
smbclient 1.0.2
— Introduces smbclient_client_protocols() to set min and max protocol for negotiation.
gRPC 1.35.0
– gRPC Core 1.35.0 update
– Removed zend_hash_destroy() from postfork handler #24891
couchbase 3.1.0
PCBC-742: Propagate custom value transcoder to results
PCBC-707: Add scope-level query and scope qualifier support for QueryOptions.
PCBC-741: Fix memory leak in Bucket::viewQuery()
PCBC-734: Fix destruction of SearchOptions.
PCBC-591: KeyNotFoundException is an alias for DocumentNotFoundException
datadog_trace 0.54.0
### Added
– Support distributed tracing for calls to curl_multi_exec() #1119
### Changed
– Refactor PHP 7 curl distributed tracing #1123
– Real package verification on nginx, cli, apache #1129
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