Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.09.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

swoole 4.6.3
New APIs

Added SwooleCoroutinego function (swoole/library@82f63be) (@matyhtf)
Added SwooleCoroutinedefer function (swoole/library@92fd0de) (@matyhtf)


Added option compression_min_length for HTTP Server (#4033) (@matyhtf)
Allowed setting content-length HTTP header in application layer (#4041) (@doubaokun)


Fixed coredump when program reach file open limitation (swoole/swoole-src@709813f) (@matyhtf)
Fixed JIT being disabled (#4029) (@twose)
Fixed Response::create() bug (swoole/swoole-src@a630b5b) (@matyhtf)
Fixed task process id false positives on ARM (#4040) (@doubaokun)
Fixed README (#4046) (@asheroto)
Fixed native-curl crash on PHP8 (#4042) (#4045) (@Yurunsoft) (@matyhtf)
Fixed mem error (#4050) (@matyhtf)


Optimized ssl_connect/ssl_shutdown (#4030) (@matyhtf)
Exit the process directly when a fatal error occurs (#4053) (@matyhtf)

pcsc 0.4.0
Updated for PHP 7 compatibility.
scoutapm 1.2.1
– Fixing builds on ZTS mode (thanks @remicollet, #69)
datadog_trace 0.55.0
### Added
– Slim 4 integration #1136
– Add support for redis cluster #1137
scoutapm 1.2.0
– Added support for PHP 8.0 (#66)
ev 1.1.1
– Fixed #39: tests/bug33.phpt is slow on s390x
– Fixed tests/10_signal.phpt which failed on mips64 Alpinelinux due to a different value of SIGUSR1
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