Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.13.2024)

Latest PECL Releases:

ssh2 1.4.1
– End zend_function_entry ssh2_functions list with PHP_FE_END [PR #67] (Gerdriaan Mulder)

Remove implicit switch-case fallthrough [PR #66] (Gerdriaan Mulder)
Windows build setup with GitHub Actions [PR #75] (Derick Rethans)

phalcon 5.6.1
Full changelog can be found at:


Changed PhalconCliRouter::setDefaultAction and PhalconCliRouter::setDefaultModule to return the object back for a fluent interface #16328


Fixed PhalconDbAdapterPdoPostgresql::describeColumns() to return the correct string back #16371

Fixed Phalcon/Filter/Validation::validate() and Phalcon/Filter/Validation/ValidationInterface::validate() to return also bool #16337

Fixed PhalconMvcModel::toArray to ignore getters when the field name is source. #16514

Fixed PhalconHttpRequest::getPut to correctly get form encoded data #16519

Fixed deprecation warning in callables Use of "static" in callables is deprecated for PHP 8.2+ #16263

protobuf 4.26.0RC2
* See for release notes.

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