Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.15.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

awscrt 1.0.9
Changes in build process
teds 0.14.0
* Make `strict_hash` deterministic for `NAN`
* Make `strict_hash` return the same value for signed positive and negative zero. (In php, `0.0 === -0.0`, though var_export/print/var_dump output differ.)
* Fix StrictMap/StrictSet handling of NAN. Make StrictMap/StrictSet treat positive and negative zero floats as the same key, like SortedStrictSet/stable_compare.
* Add bitset source files to package.xml
zephir_parser 1.5.0
Sat, Feb 12, 2022 – Zephir Parser 1.5.0

= Added:

Added support of false return type

teds 0.13.0
* Add TedsBitSet providing similar functionality to a Vector of booleans, using a single bit per boolean.
* Fix stub documentation and qualify `Iterator` for StableMinHeap/StableMaxHeap in documentation.
redis 5.3.7RC2
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phpredis 5.3.7RC2

There were no changes between 5.3.7RC2 and 5.3.7RC1.

phpredis 5.3.7RC1

Fix RedisArray::[hsz]scan and tests [08a9d5db, 0264de18] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)
Fix RedisArray::scan [8689ab1c] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
Fix LZF decompression logic [0719c1ec] (Michael Grunder)

teds 0.12.0
* Breaking changes.
* Fix serialization/unserialization in StableMinHeap/StableMaxHeap.
* Add interfaces for `TedsValues` (e.g. Heap/Set), TedsCollection(e.g. StrictMap, StableSortedMap), ListInterface(Vector, Deque, etc.) (the keyword list is reserved)
* Implement ->values() in classes implementing `TedsValues`.
* Make offsetExists consistently return false when the value of the given key is null across all data structures.
* Add TedsCollection->containsKey to return true if a key exists without coercing types, and returning true regardless of whether the corresponding key is null.
* Change signature of IntVector::set() and ::push() to match ListInterface
* Add Collection::toArray() (behaves like iterator_to_array).
* Check for exceeding 64-bit capacity limits in more collections to avoid hitting gc size limits
and to avoid unpredictable behavior (e.g. it’d be surprising to have this throw/fatal error only if var_export/var_dump/json_encode was called and PHP’s array size limits(2147483648 elements, or at least 32GB) were hit).
teds 0.11.0
* Breaking change: Make StableMinHeap/StableMaxHeap stop inheriting from SplHeap to be more memory efficient.
* Properly sort in StableSortedListSet::__construct and __set_state
* Deduplicate code.
* Reduce size/capacity limits to the same limits as array for Deque.
* Add ImmutableSequence::map(), filter()
* Fix bug in Deque::contains(), Deque::indexOf()
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