Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.16.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

ice 1.8.0alpha3
– Pecl, add build directories fix #271

Di, resolve default services in cli fix #295
Loader, register namespaces in the constructor fix #294

ev 1.1.2
Fixed Windows build configuration for PHP 8
ev 1.1.1r1
Stable version release
event 3.0.2r1
Stable version release.
gnupg 1.5.0RC1
* Added support for PHP 8
* Added support for GnuPG 2.1+
* Added argument info for all functions and methods (reflection support)
* Added new function `gnupg_getengineinfo`
* Added new function `gnupg_geterrorinfo`
* Added init array argument for setting home dir and gpg binary file name
* Added additional fields to `gnupg_keyinfo` returned array
* Added parameter to `gnupg_keyinfo` to use `secret_only`
* Fixed `gnupg_deletekey` to use boolean for `allow_secret` parameter
Tensor 2.1.03
No notes
Tensor 2.1.3
No notes
ice 1.8.0alpha2
– PHP 7.1, drop support, update phpunit to v8
– Update zephir parser to 1.3.5
– Zephir, use zephir-php8 branch
– Pdo, fix associative array in order by
– PHP 7.2 and 7.3, drop support
– Tests, fix get related count and filter
– Version, remove hyphen fix #292
gmagick 2.0.6RC1
Works with PHP 8 but some fixes still required.
smbclient 1.0.5
Fixes possible segfault in php_smb_ops_close.
protobuf 3.15.0RC1
PHP protobuf
maxminddb 1.10.0
* When using the pure PHP reader, unsigned integers up to PHP_MAX_INT
will now be integers in PHP rather than strings. Previously integers
greater than 2^24 on 32-bit platforms and 2^56 on 64-bit platforms
would be strings due to the use of `gmp` or `bcmath` to decode them.
Reported by Alejandro Celaya. GitHub #119.
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