Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.22.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

mailparse 3.1.3
– Fix #73110: Mails with unknown MIME version are treated as plain/text. (cmb)

Fix #74233: Parsing multi Content-Disposition causes memory leak. (cmb)
Fix #75825: mailparse_uudecode_all doesn’t parse multiple files. (cmb)
Fix #81422: Potential double-free in mailparse_uudecode_all(). (cmb)
Fix gh#19 Segmentation fault with PHP 8.1 in extract_body using MAILPARSE_EXTRACT_RETURN. (Remi)

teds 1.1.2
* Fix big-endian builds (#160)
* Make `tedsstable_compare` consistently 1/0/-1 for arrays with different keys on all platforms.
teds 1.1.1
* Fix bugs in TedsMap array access shorthand.
teds 1.1.0
* Fix ImmutableSequence throwing for ArrayAccess shorthand read syntax.
* Add CachedIterable as an alternative to ImmutableIterable that lazily evaluates Traversable objects passed into the constructor. (e.g. only runs Generators up to the most recently requested offset)
* Change exception type to `TedsUnsupportedOperationException` in a few places.
* Add `Tedsis_same_array_handle(array $array1, array $array2): bool` for infinite recursion detection when processing arrays.
* Fix memory leak when initializing `TedsStrictMinHeap`/`TedsStrictMaxHeap` from Traversables.
* Fix memory leak when constructing collections from Traversable where rewind throws
* Use first/last as method names for getting the first and last method names. Keep bottom/top as aliases to be deprecated later.
* Add first/last helper methods to more collection types
* Optimize implementations of `$map[$x]` array access shorthand in `TedsMap` implementations.
* Throw for `$map[] = $value` instead of setting the key for null in `TedsMap` implementations.
* Fix TedsIntVector and TedsLowMemoryVector shift implementation for integers
* Add more methods to TedsBitSet to read/write bytes/integers, convert to/from strings.
teds 1.0.0
* BREAKING CHANGES: Fix incorrect serialization/unserialization result of LowMemoryVector for boolean/null. Incompatible with older releases.
* BUGFIX: Fix converting LowMemoryVector of floats to an array (they were unintentionally converted to integers).
* BREAKING CHANGES: Rename datastructures and interfaces for consistency. Change definitions of interfaces/remove interfaces.
Rename TedsImmutableKeyValueSequence to TedsImmutableIterable and add an alias for the old name. Aliases will be removed in a future release.
Rename TedsKeyValueSequence to TedsMutableIterable and add an alias.
Rename TedsSortedStrictMap to TedsStrictTreeMap and add an alias.
Rename TedsStrictMap to TedsStrictHashMap and add an alias.
Rename TedsSortedStrictSet to TedsStrictTreeSet and add an alias.
Rename TedsStrictSet to TedsStrictHashSet and add an alias.
Rename TedsStableMinHeap to TedsStrictMinHeap and add an alias.
Rename TedsStableMaxHeap to TedsStrictMaxHeap and add an alias.
Change the definition of TedsCollection to be just a Collection of **values**. Make TedsValues an alias of TedsCollection.
Add the interfaces `TedsSequence`, `TedsMap`, `TedsSet`.
teds 1.0.1
* Regenerate arginfo for method aliases, update test expectations
vips 1.0.13
* php8 compatibility [kleisauke]
* improve module linking [kleisauke]
* improve packaging [kleisauke]
* add type hints [jcupitt, kleisauke]
redis 5.3.7
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phpredis 5.3.7

There were no changes between 5.3.7 and 5.3.7RC2.

phpredis 5.3.7RC2

There were no changes between 5.3.7RC2 and 5.3.7RC1.

phpredis 5.3.7RC1

Fix RedisArray::[hsz]scan and tests [08a9d5db, 0264de18] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)
Fix RedisArray::scan [8689ab1c] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
Fix LZF decompression logic [0719c1ec] (Michael Grunder)

rdkafka 6.0.1
## Bugfixes
– Always initialize Message::$headers (#508, @arnaud-lb)
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