Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.27.2024)

Latest PECL Releases:

dio 0.3.0
– drop support for PHP 5 and 7

add type hinting
raise TypeError and ValueError for unexpected parameters

gRPC 1.62.0
– gRPC Core 1.62.0 update
fann 1.2.0
* Tested support of PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.3
eio 3.1.2
– Restored libeio/xthread.h in package.xml
eio 3.1.1
– Fixed issue #21: eio_fallocate() tests failed on Fedora 40
– Updated the embedded libeio.
datadog_trace 0.98.0
### Fixes across all extensions
– Handle Apache graceful restarts more accurately #2483
– Mark config as immutable and interned to avoid refcounting race conditions #2516


This release includes Windows dlls for the tracer starting with PHP 7.2. #2230

Windows support is in beta. We recommend carefully deploying the tracer to staging environments and testing it there before putting it to production. We are looking towards stabilizing Windows quickly, so any feedback and issue reports are welcome.


Enhance logging #2490

This features two new logging options:

datadog.trace.log_level allows more fine-grained control over logging (error, warn, info, debug, trace). It follows the RUST_LOG standard. Note that datadog.trace.debug still takes precedence if set.

datadog.trace.log_file allows specifying a dedicated target file for any datadog trace logs instead of the default php error location.

More log lines were added to allow for observing submitted spans (debug level) and hook invocations (trace level).

Add http.route to WordPress #2491


Have datadog.trace.db_client_split_by_instance also affect mysqli and sqlsrv #2508
Record nested exceptions in the integrations #2514
Evaluate numbers and bools in tags and metrics for sampling rules #2521


Access to undefined method attempts in LaravelQueueIntegration #2485
Include generated curl_exec spans of curl_multi_exec() in metrics #2505
Remove Symfony Command Hook After Execution #2492
Add zend_try around closing and flushing spans #2507
Make PDO split-by coherent with other DB split-by with service name flattening #2524


No longer compile the mockgen as part of the rust build #2512
Add TEA Benchmarks #2438
Reduce CI and Local Flakiness #2496, #2518


This release requires System INIs to be used to configure the profiler settings which control the enabling/disabling of individual features. If you are configuring the profiler using php datadog-setup.php config set, you should be fine. We recommend switching to use the config mode of datadog-setup.php to configure profiling.


Enable timeline by default #2480. This can be disabled by setting the INI setting datadog.profiling.timeline_enabled to 0 or false. Using the datadog-setup.php script is recommended, for example:

php datadog-setup.php config set –php-bin all -ddatadog.profiling.timeline_enabled=0

PHP ZTS support for CPU- and Wall Time profiling #2470

Add exception message to exception sample (opt-in) #2434


Breaking-change: require system INIs for profiling features #2468


Update dependencies and pin ahash #2479
Fix clippy::single-match #2482
Update to libdatadog 6 #2513
Refactor: use SystemSettings in locals #2487
Fix accidentally skipped tests #2517

Application Security Management

This release introduces support for the Roadrunner application server and extends threat detection and blocking on XML and JSON request payloads. Request and response payloads are now also used to expand the already existing API security features.


Roadrunner appsec support #2443
Provide server.response.body #2489
Support json/xml request bodies #2499


Change ip header parsing/header reporting #2503


Fix blocking on PHP 7.0-7.1 ZTS #2502
Ensure logs are committed to disk upon shutdown #2495


Upgrade libddwaf and ruleset #2520

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