Community News: Latest PECL Releases (02.28.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

phalcon 5.2.0
Full changelog can be found at:


Fixed PhalconHtmlHelperTitle::prepend to correctly prepend text in subsequent calls #16283


Added support for PHP 8.2 #15973

Tensor 3.0.3
– Added PHP 8.2 extension compatibility
igbinary 3.2.14
* Fix build error in PHP 8.3-dev
* Fix test expectation errors in php 8.3-dev due to change to php’s TypeErrors.
gRPC 1.53.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.53.0 update
gRPC 1.49.3
– gRPC Core 1.49.3 update
gRPC 1.48.4
– gRPC Core 1.48.4 update
gRPC 1.47.4
– gRPC Core 1.47.4 update
gRPC 1.51.3
– gRPC Core 1.51.3 update
gRPC 1.50.2
– gRPC Core 1.50.2 update
gRPC 1.52.1
– gRPC Core 1.52.1 update
SeasClick 0.1.1
– Second version for
couchbase 4.1.1

PCBC-869: Implemented changePassword for management API (#55, #56)
PCBC-891: Append extension version info to HELLO indentifier (#58)
PCBC-901: Attach error details to management exceptions (#71)
Increase required PHP version up to 8.0 (#76)


PCBC-890: Scope must implement ScopeInterface (#57)
PCBC-902: Make sure that new account is usable in changePassword test (#72)
PCBC-899: Ensure the connection will be closed on error (#70)
PCBC-900: Don’t set „function“ property on exceptions. (#74)
PCBC-905: Don’t dereference empty optional if option is not set (#75)
PCBC-907: assign meta to view query result (#79)
Fix missing header for GCC 13 (#63)

Notable changes in core C++ 1.0.0-dp.4

CXXCBC-275: Update implementation query context fields passed to the
server. In future versions of the server versions it will become
mandatory to specify context of the statement (bucket, scope and
collection). This change ensures that both future and current server
releases supported transparently.

CXXCBC-296: Force PLAIN SASL auth if TLS enabled. Using SCRAM SASL
mechanisms over TLS protocol is unnecesary complication, that slows
down initial connection bootstrap and potentially limits server
ability to improve security and evolve credentials management.

CXXCBC-295: The get with projections opration should not fail if
one of the the paths is missing in the document, because the
semantics is „get the partial document“ and not „get individual
fields“ like in lookup_in operation.

CXXCBC-294: In the Public API, if get operation requested to
return expiry time, zero expiry should not be interpreted as
absolute expiry timestamp (zero seconds from UNIX epoch), but rather
as absense of the expiry.

CXXCBC-291: Allow to disable mutation tokens for Key/Value mutations
(use enable_mutation_tokens in connection string).

Resource management and performance improvements:

Fix tracer and meter ref-counting
Replace minstd_rand with mt19937_64, as it gives less
CXXCBC-285: Write to sockets from IO threads, to eliminate
potential race conditions.
Eliminate looping transform in mcbp_parser::next.
CXXCBC-205: Use thread-local UUID generator.
CXXCBC-293: Other performance improvements:

Speed up UUID serialization to string
Don’t allow to copy mcbp_message objects
Avoid extra allocation and initialization

Build system fixes:

Fix build with gcc-13
Fix gcc 12 issue


Include OS name in SDK identifier

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