Community News: Latest PECL Releases (03.16.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

fann 1.2.0RC1
* Added support for PHP 8

Added logic gates, OCR and pathfinder examples

protobuf 3.15.6
No new changes in 3.15.6
swoole 4.6.4

+ Supported ARM 64 build (#4057) (@devnexen)
+ Supported set open_http_protocol in Swoole TCP Server (#4063) (@matyhtf)
+ Supported ssl client only set certificate (swoole/swoole-src@91704ac) (@matyhtf)
+ Supported ssl client only set certificate (swoole/swoole-src@91704ac) (@matyhtf)
+ Supported tcp_defer_accept option for FreeBSD (#4049) (@devnexen)


Fixed Proxy-Authorization missing when use CoroutineHttpClient (swoole/swoole-src@edc0552) (@matyhtf)
Fixed memory allocation issues with SwooleTable (swoole/swoole-src@3e7770f) (@matyhtf)
Fixed crash when CoroutineHttp2Client connects concurrently (swoole/swoole-src@630536d) (@matyhtf)
Fixed enable_ssl_encrypt with DTLS (swoole/swoole-src@842733b) (@matyhtf)
Fixed CoroutineBarrier mem leak (swoole/library#94) (@Appla) (@FMiS)
Fixed the offset error caused by CURLOPT_PORT and CURLOPT_URL order (swoole/library#96) (@sy-records)
Fixed Table::get($key, $field) when field type is float (swoole/swoole-src@08ea20c) (@matyhtf)
Fixed SwooleTable mem leaks (swoole/swoole-src@d78ca8c) (@matyhtf)

ibm_db2 2.1.3
* 2021-03-10: 2.1.3
– Report failures in SQLGetDiagRec. This should warn on many silent errors.
– Workaround issue with using SQLGetSubString with a large buffer on a DBCLOB
with locator by trimming from first instead of last null byte.
– Workaround bug in SQL/CLI caused by unknown PTF, which causes a buffer
overflow with SQLGetData on char-like values. The PTF causing the regression
is unidentified, but workaround PTFs seem to exist, including SI75759. The
workaround will likely be kept until most no longer have the defective PTF.
amqp 1.11.0beta
– PHP 8 support (Remi Collet <[email protected]>, mmokhi <[email protected]>) (,
– Windows build: alternatively check includelibrabbitmq for amqp.h (Jan Ehrhardt <[email protected]>) (
– Use latests PHP versions for AppVeyor instead of .0 (Christoph M. Becker <[email protected]>) (
– Various AppVeyor Windows build enhancements and fixes (Christoph M. Becker <[email protected]>) (,
– Better test suite isolation, ignore local ini settings (Lars Strojny <[email protected]>) (

For a complete list of changes see:…v1.11.0beta

LuaSandbox 4.0.1
– Add missing file to package.xml tarball
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