Community News: Latest PECL Releases (03.21.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

couchbase 4.1.2
* PCBC-888 handle query context changes (#68)

Added optional context to CouchbaseException constructor (#85)

Notable changes in core C++

OpenSSL and CentOS 7 (#382)
CXXCBC-144: Search query on collections should not require you to pass in the scope name (#379)
CXXCBC-145: Search query request raw option not used (#380)
CXXCBC-194: Support ExtThreadSafe transaction extension. (#374, #376)
CXXCBC-316: Core txn get_optional after query issue (#385)
CXXCBC-310: Fixed race condition in transaction_context state machine (#386, #378)

awscrt 1.2.0
Update to CRT
awscrt 1.1.0
Update to CRT
awscrt 1.0.11
Update to CRT

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PHP 8.3.8 released!

PHP 8.2.20 released!

PHP 8.1.29 released!

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