Community News: Latest PECL Releases (03.22.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

PDO_IBM 1.5.0
* 2022-03-21: 1.5.0

PHP 8.1 support
On IBM i, support INI option for CCSID override
On IBM i, support INI option for pessimistic DBCS alloc
Resolve crash with LOBs
Fix build issues with MSVC
Fix detecting CLI driver on 64-bit Windows
Use modern PDO includes check (resolves compatibility with i.e. Ubuntu, MacPorts)
Fix tests for PHP 8.1 and modern Db2 LUW
Clean up IBM i command helpers
Fix improper return types and declarations

PDO_TAOS 1.0.0
Compatible with PHP versions since 7.0.
jsonpath 1.0.0
## Changes

Bug fixes

Issue #158 – Skip child filter check on non-arrays @mkaminski1988 (#159)
Issue #156 – Bubble up filter parsing error @mkaminski1988 (#157)


Remove alpha suffix from PECL install command as we release version 1.0.0 @crocodele (#162)
Add documentation to describe the notation, along with more examples @crocodele (#160)
Include PHP 8.2 nightly as a version for test runs on Linux @crocodele (#161)

protobuf 3.20.0RC2
* See for release notes.
sdl 2.6.0
– Add float rect and float point render functions (Manuel Baldassarri)
– Add config file for Windows (Zorobabel)
– Fix PECL build (Manuel Baldassarri)
– Rename width parameter in SDL_Rect constructor (Manuel Baldassarri)
sdl_image 0.4.0
– First release
swoole 4.8.8
– Reduce SW_IPC_BUFFER_MAX_SIZE to 64k
– Respect SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE http2 setting (#4635)
– Fixed #4639
– Fixed http2 server NPN errors
sdl_mixer 0.4.0
– Fix SDL extension dependency (remicollet)
– Add workaround for Mix_HasMusicDecoder where not available (remicollet)
– Properly init/quit sdl_mixer library (remicollet)
– Improve phpinfo with Mix_Init supported flags (remicollet)
– Add missing ’src‘ build directory in config.m4 (kea)
datadog_trace 0.71.0
### Changed
– Do not disable tracing when ionCube loader is detected #1520


Added ES integration support for newer PHP and ES versions #1516
Add support for wordpress on PHP 8 and use a different hook #1522
Add Code Hotspots #1517
Implement split by instance in PDO #1498


Trigger profiling interrupt function before internal observer_end #1499
Fix compatibility with PHP 8.2 (master) #1521

Internal changes

Clean up Tea SAPI and allow ddtrace to run there #1502
Use a new curl session for each writer iteration and clear it after #1504
Increase bgs backlog by 20% #1506
Always include the Tea SAPI Catch2 test header #1507
Add is_nil function to UUID component #1515
Fix randomized testsuite memory limits and background sender curl handling #1525
Run cmake-format on TEA’s CMakeLists.txt #1527
Simplify calls (zai symbols), add support for generators #1529
Update profiling to v0.5.0 #1537
Update profiling to v0.5.1 #1541
Move from checking status code reported by vegeta to check error logs #1540
Fix ZAI symbols on PHP 7.3+ (randomized tests failures) #1536
??Add a test case for guzzle url no schema + split by domain #1534
Point rel-env deployment to GH release 0.70.1 #1531
Tea ZE Suppport #1526
Show curl response status code in tests #1524
Add long running script memory check to randomized tests #1356
Add a test for sub path and wildcards normalization #1505
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