Community News: Latest PECL Releases (03.29.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

gRPC 1.45.0
– gRPC Core 1.45.0 update
openswoole 4.11.0
. HTTP2 server: allow HTTP2 client and server to set custom HTTP2 settings
. Support static compile with PHP CLI
. New feature: support http_index_files at HTTP2 server
. CI: Remove PHP7.2/7.3 support as they are not supported by the PHP team
. Bug fixed: Fix HTTP2 client and respect max_concurrent_streams settings
. HTTP2: Update HTTP2 default max concurrent streams per connection to be 1280
. Bug fixed: Respect server side settings at HTTP2 client
. Optimize signal-driven timer code (@hauptmedia)
. Bug fixed: $server->getWorkerPid does not return the correct worker pid when being called from another worker context
. Bug fixed: init window size in http2 server
. Deprecated: redis server
. Bug fixed: close HTTP2 connection when there are errors
. Close connection when a process is stopped and it is managing http2 sessions
. Bug fixed: fix user land timer is not stopping when the server is shutting down
. Postgres client: return empty array if the result set is empty
. Postgres client: provide constant enums for $connection->resultStatus
. Postgres client: added new API $pg->reset() and $pg->status() (@RedChops)
. CI and tests: fixed many bugs in tests and improved the CI and testing (@hauptmedia)
. Build fix for gcc version lower than 4.9 (@dmz-uk)
memcached 3.2.0
– PHP 8.0 and 8.1 support
– store_retry_count is no more set explicitly (#452)
– fix MemcachedServer (libmemcached-awesome is recommended)
– code cleanup
– fix windows build
mongodb 1.13.0
** Bug
* [PHPC-2013] – RHEL 7.0 and 7.1 builds fail due to incompatible pointer warnings
* [PHPC-2020] – Validate loadBalanced URI array option

** Epic
* [PHPC-1150] – Support SDAM Monitoring

** New Feature
* [PHPC-1805] – Implement ServerDescription class
* [PHPC-1891] – Implement TopologyDescription class
* [PHPC-1892] – Define SDAMSubscriber interface
* [PHPC-1893] – Define SDAM event classes
* [PHPC-1900] – Allow custom service names with srvServiceName URI option
* [PHPC-1908] – Allow limiting mongos servers with srvMaxHosts option

** Task
* [PHPC-1342] – Add documentation warning against the use of duplicate key names
* [PHPC-1909] – Set minWireVersion to 6 (MongoDB 3.6)
* [PHPC-1953] – Create tests for event object debug handlers
* [PHPC-1958] – Ensure that getTopologyId() gives the same result for all SDAM events
* [PHPC-1959] – Change SDAM event tests to use Manager::addSubscriber()
* [PHPC-1973] – Bump maxWireVersion to 14 for MongoDB 5.1
* [PHPC-2008] – writeresult-getserver-002 fails to drop collection in local db on replicaset-auth
* [PHPC-2012] – Remove extra AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG args
* [PHPC-2019] – Remove Solaris checks in m4 build scripts
* [PHPC-2022] – Use mongoc_host_list in event structs
* [PHPC-2023] – Allow observation of TopologyClosedEvent
* [PHPC-2028] – Replace PHONGO_ALLOC_OBJECT_T macro with zend_object_alloc
* [PHPC-2031] – Upgrade libmongoc to 1.21.1 and libmongocrypt to 1.3.2
* [PHPC-2034] – Bump maxWireVersion for MongoDB 5.2
* [PHPC-2036] – Remove outdated prose test in causal consistency spec
* [PHPC-2037] – Remove vim modeline comments
* [PHPC-2038] – Initialize zval in phongo_clientencryption_init
* [PHPC-2039] – Remove disabled debugging code in bson.c
* [PHPC-2040] – Break down php_phongo.c into smaller files
* [PHPC-2042] – Remove conditional win32/time.h include in UTCDateTime.c
* [PHPC-2047] – Update load balancer tests to support dedicated load balancer port
* [PHPC-2073] – Remove test environments and checks for pre-3.6 server versions
* [PHPC-2074] – Clarify in contributing docs that mongo-orchestration is not required to run tests

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1647] – Defer to libmongoc for cross-option URI validation
* [PHPC-1910] – Implement Server::getServerDescription
* [PHPC-1925] – ServerDescription::getType() should return a string
* [PHPC-1934] – Check for uninitialized intern in ServerDescription get_properties_hash
* [PHPC-1950] – Lift restriction on authSource without credentials when set in URI options array
* [PHPC-2003] – Expose whether a client session is dirty
* [PHPC-2025] – Support load balancer in ServerDescription and TopologyDescription
* [PHPC-2026] – Warn if ServerDescription::getLastUpdateTime() must be truncated
* [PHPC-2030] – Allow observation of commands issued during mongoc_client_destroy()
* [PHPC-2032] – Report more concise debug info for ended sessions
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