Community News: Latest PECL Releases (04.04.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

smbclient 1.0.7
xattr fix by Remi.
smbclient 1.1.0
PHP 8 readiness, by Remi.
gRPC 1.54.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.54.0 update
opentelemetry 1.0.0beta3
opentelemetry 1.0.0beta3
* rename extension from otel_instrumentation to opentelemetry (#49)
* display extension version in phpinfo (#48)
* Fix #46 add doc, license and tests to pecl package (#47)
* changes to allow build/upload to pecl (#44)
* update package.xml and docs in preparation for pecl release (#43)
* store scope in the context (#42)
* moving bin directory to contrib (#39)
* fixing script names (#38)
* get list of auto packages through packagist api (#37)
* adding new symfony and laravel auto instrumentation packages (#36)
* execute composer require in non-interactive mode (#35)
* deny plugins for php-http/discovery by default (#34)
* windows is not supported yet due to configure script code generation error (#33)
* install and setup auto-instrumentation with one command (#29)
* docs: update/sync( installation description (#27)

datadog_trace 0.86.1
## Profiling (0.15.1)


Fix crash by reverting „perf(profiling): speed up stack walking by using function run_time_cache“ #1994. Thanks, @zeroxs for reporting.

opentelemetry 1.0.0beta2
* See and
timezonedb 2023.3
Updated to version 2023.3 (2023c)
skywalking_agent 0.4.0
## What’s Changed
* Bump tokio from 1.24.1 to 1.24.2 by @dependabot in
* Bump to 0.4.0-dev by @heyanlong in
* Avoid potential panic for logger. by @jmjoy in
* Fix the curl plugin hook curl_setopt by mistake. by @jmjoy in
* Update documents. by @jmjoy in
* Upgrade dependencies and adapt the codes. by @jmjoy in
* Add sub components licenses in dist material. by @jmjoy in
* Bump to 0.4.0. by @jmjoy in

New Contributors

@dependabot made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:…v0.4.0

awscrt 1.2.1
Updates from CRT

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PHP 8.3.8 released!

PHP 8.2.20 released!

PHP 8.1.29 released!

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