Community News: Latest PECL Releases (04.18.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

gRPC 1.54.0
– gRPC Core 1.54.0 update
smbclient 1.1.1
Workaround for regression in libsmbclient 4.16.9 and 4.17.5.
couchbase 4.1.3
* PCBC-915: Fixed timestamp as expiry in mutation options (#88)
* PCBC-828: Implemented collection management (#89)
* PCBC-918: Extra attributes in ExistsResult now optional (deleted, expiry, flags, and sequenceNumber) (#95)

Notable changes in core C++

CXXCBC-31: Allow to use schema-less connection strings (#394)
CXXCBC-318: Always try TCP if UDP fails in DNS-SRV resolver (#390)
CXXCBC-320: Negative expiry in atr can ’stuck‘ docs. (#393)
CXXCBC-310: Improve shutdown of the LostTxnCleanup thread. (#389)

protobuf 3.22.3
* See for release notes.

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