Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.02.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

gRPC 1.55.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.55.0 update
memcache 8.2
– Version 8.x support PHP 8.x
– Version 4.x supports PHP 7.0-7.4.
– Version 4.x is considered to be stable for production usage.
– Support for PHP 5.x has been removed, please use memcache extension ver. 3.x
– Special thanks to Frantisek Drojak – thesource93 (github) and Zaffy (github) for making this happen
zstd 0.12.3
– Fixed build warnings
protobuf 3.23.0RC2
* See for release notes.
zstd 0.12.2
– Updated built-in zstd library to 1.5.5

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