Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.17.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

PKCS11 1.1
– Added Yubico vendor definitions

Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.1
Token and slot info is now trimmed
Attributes are now returned in types consistant with the defined constants
Added support to retrieve objects by URI from a Pkcs11Session object

ion 0.2.0
* Improved documentation.
* Upgrade bundled ion-c library.
* Fix gh-issue #5: ionTimestamp crashes with string timezones.
* Add ionException.
* Refactor (un)serialization facilities:
* Removed ionReaderOptions class and moved the options to the ionReader constructor.
* Removed ionWriterOptions class and moved the options to the ionWriter constructor.
* Renamed ionSerializerPHP to ionSerializerSerializer.
* Renamed ionUnserializerPHP to ionUnserializerUnserializer.
* Changed ionSerializer::serialize(mixed $data) to
ionSerializer::serialize(mixed $data, ionWriter|array|null $writer = null).
* Changed ionUnserializer::unserialize(string|resource $data) to
ionUnserializer::unserialize(ionReader|string|resource $data)
* Add support for custom (un)serializers.
datadog_trace 0.74.0
## Tracer
### Added
– Add configurations for retaining select query string parameters in resources and http.url #1566


Respect autofinish on flush(), add warnings in debug mode when having unbalanced spans #1564, #1569
Loose restrictions around distributed tracing context setting #1571


Fix dispatch resetting #1570
Fix run_time_cache initialization for closure calls with foreign scope on PHP 7.4-8.1 #1578
Eliminate the separate span id stack, fix distributed tracing trace_id #1586
Fix handling of INI and ENV changes post minit, pre runtime #1593
Fix inconsistent module load and unload sequence #1585
Fix installer setting check for extensions #1584

Internal changes

Pin composer on PHP 7 docker containers to version 2.2 #1565
Disable flaky test on PHP 5.4 #1583
Remove Symfony 4.2 from PHP 7.4 web tests #1587
Add the scenario name to the randomized test docker name #1590
Fix ownership of files within release artifact tars #1591

Profiling (v0.6.1)


Bump profiling to v0.6.1 #1588. This re-initializes static variables on startup/minit which may help prevent Apache reload from crashing.
Enable profiling installation on PHP 8.1 #1576

Application Security Monitoring (v0.3.2)


Fix hybrid extension initialisation #92

protobuf 3.21.0RC1
* See for release notes.
couchbase 4.0.0
* Migrate core to C++ SDK
* Update query index management API to accept collections
* PCBC-836: implemented Transactions API
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