Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.18.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

ast 1.0.12
– Support parsing ‚docComment‘ on php 8.1 enums
swoole 4.4.26

* Fixed special case OnClose event missing while listening for writable events
swoole 4.6.7

* Supported call Process::signal() in Manager process and Task synchronous process (#4190) (@matyhtf)


Fixed signal cannot be registered repeatedly (#4170) (@matyhtf)
Fixed build on OpenBSD/NetBSD (#4188) (#4194) (@devnexen)
Fixed special case OnClose event missing while listening for writable events (#4204) (@matyhtf)
Fixed native curl with Symfony HttpClient (#4208) (@matyhtf)
Fixed HttpResponse::end() always return true (swoole/swoole-src@66fcc35) (@matyhtf)
Fixed PDOException generated by PDOStatementProxy (swoole/library#104) (@twose)


Refactored worker buffer, add msg id for the event data (#4163) (@matyhtf)
Changed the log level of „Request Entity Too Large“ to warning (#4175) (@sy-records)
Deleted inet_ntoa and inet_aton calls (#4199) (@remicollet)
Adjusted output_buffer_size value to UINT_MAX (swoole/swoole-src@46ab345) (@matyhtf)

couchbase 3.1.2
PCBC-761: fix return interface for expiryTime methods.
PCBC-760: expose error messages in query exceptions.
PCBC-759: take into account ‚decoder.json_arrays‘ INI setting when decoding Query rows.
PCBC-758: raise exception if invalid CAS passed to unlock.
PCBC-729: update URLs for Collections management API.
protobuf 3.17.0
No new changes in 3.17.0
gRPC 1.37.1
– gRPC Core 1.37.1 update
protobuf 3.16.0RC2
No new changes in 3.15.7
datadog_trace 0.59.0
### Added
– [ZAI SAPI] Zaitrigger_error() SAPI function #1212
– Autocomplete Makefile target names in buster dev images #1224


Use new buster containers in CI #1210
remove _tmp suffix from development buster images #1217
Tidy the components/ #1216
Tidy up the docker-compose file a bit #1223


Disable PCNTL in forked processes #1196
Updated contributing and fixed typo on Makefile::test_all #1218
Fix ingestion control reporting #1222
Skip tests that have development environment dependencies #1215 (thanks for the report @remicollet)
Always resolve curl class entry symbols at runtime (PHP 8) #1209 (thanks for the report @metaxy)

protobuf 3.16.0
* read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#8362)
* Changed parameter type from long to integer (#7613)
* fix: README supported PHP version for C extension (#8236)
xhprof 2.3.2
– PHP8 JIT support #51
– Allow to override xhprof.output_dir via env XHPROF_OUTPUT_DIR
– Set SVG render as default for callgraph.php
protobuf 3.17.0RC1
No new changes in 3.17.0
mysqlnd_ngen 8.0.25
mysql_xdevapi 8.0.25
protobuf 3.17.0RC2
No new changes in 3.17.0
gRPC 1.38.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.38.0 update
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