Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.30.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

protobuf 3.23.2
* See for release notes.
couchbase 4.1.4
* Add `couchbase::` namespace to `durability_level`, fixes using Sync Durability. (#102)
* PCBC-934: Fixed setting timeout for transaction.

Notable changes in core C++

CXXCBC-327: bundle Mozilla certificates with the library (#405, #408)
CXXCBC-324: check port and network name on session restart (#401)
CXXCBC-323: parse bootstrap_timeout and resolve_timeout in connection string (#400)
introduce option dump_configuration for debugging (#398)

Bitset 3.2.0
– fix BitSet::fromArray() to allow setting bit 0
– add BitSet::fromInteger() and BitSet::toInteger()
Bitset 3.1.0
– add support for PHP 8.2
– fix #63315: BitSet::fromArray may modify original array value (cmb)
– add type hinting
– minor optimizations

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