Community News: Latest PECL Releases (06.20.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

phalcon 5.2.2
Full changelog can be found at:


Fixed EncryptionCrypt::checkCipherHashIsAvailable to allow proper setting of the hash #16314

Removed unlikely from if statements from the Stream storage adapter and Json serializer #16339

Fixed StorageAdapterStream::get()/set() to correctly calculate the path if the prefix is present in the key #16348

Fixed HtmlHelperInputCheckbox to correctly process empty values #15959

uv 0.3.0
0.3.0 release
datadog_trace 0.88.1
### Fixed
– Add note about cargo in README, make debug symbols included by default for manual compilation #2110
– Fix commit hashes in profiling release versions #2105
gRPC 1.56.0
– gRPC Core 1.56.0 update
datadog_trace 0.88.0
### Added
– Add support for environment variable syntax to config mode in datadog-setup.php #2050


Use span links in the RabbitMQ Integration #2092
Disable root span generation and removes orphans for Laravel Horizon #2091


datadog-setup.php: remove return types for compatibility with PHP 5 #2059 Thanks @dserodio!
Work around fiber->execute_data only being correct upon yielding #2072
Skip error assignment on the root span for 5xx errors that shouldn’t be reported #2089
Ensure no crashes happen with multiple observers installed #2093
Fix incorrect offset access in Laminas Integration #2094

Internal Changes

build: delete unused C components #2055
build: bump cmake and catch2 versions #2056
build: reduce Laravel queues‘ tests flakiness #2057
testing: add snapshot testing #2058
build: pin guzzlehttp/promises to ^1.5.3 #2071
Update removed methods used in Guzzle V6 & V7 test suites #2073
build: drop now-unused uuid component #2096
Prepare instrumentation telemetry #2029, #2086, #2099
build: Add rebuild with ASAN section to randomized tests #2084


Allocation profiling is now enabled by default. You can manage it using the DD_PROFILING_ALLOCATION_ENABLED environment variable or the datadog.profiling.allocation_enabled setting in the INI file. Although the DD_PROFILING_EXPERIMENTAL_ALLOCATION_ENABLED environment variable and datadog.profiling.experimental_allocation_enabled INI setting still work, the new ones take precedence.


GA allocation profiling #2038
disable allocation profiling if JIT is enabled #2088


fixed segfault in test suite #2077

Internal changes

move allocation profiling to its own module #2090

Application Security Management (0.9.0)


Use /proc/self/fd to avoid rlimit iteration starvation DataDog/dd-appsec-php#265

Internal changes

Update ruleset to 1.7.1 and libddwaf to 1.11.0 DataDog/dd-appsec-php#267
Update fuzzer corpus DataDog/dd-appsec-php#268

protobuf 3.23.3
* See for release notes.
opentelemetry 1.0.0beta6
opentelemetry 1.0.0beta6
* handle UnwindExit (#62)

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