Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.12.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

swoole 4.8.11
– Supports intel CET

Fixed #4712
Fixed crash issue when pdo persistent connection throws exception
Added Server::$ssl property
Added enable-cares option to pecl
Refactor multipart_parser
Fixed incorrect error message in Server::close()

datadog_trace 0.76.0
### Added
– Add B3 headers injection and extraction #1629
– Collect http.client_ip #1621


Filter x-datadog-tags for _dd.p. prefix and add DDTraceadd_distributed_tag #1618
Rename query string obfuscation variable #1630
Collect query string by default and obfuscate #1615
Update regex to account for URL encoding #1622
Update library versions used in tests + support plesk paths #1632
Remove service name propagation #1635, #1636
Add integration loaded output for deferred integrations on DD_TRACE_DEBUG=1 #1639
Reduce memory footprint of strpprintf #1640
New implementation for hooks #1617
(PHP 5) Add g1a/composer-test-scenarios and symfony/flex to composer allow-plugin list #1647


Fix crash with numerical value in $_SERVER array #1634
Fix missing query string on http.url from integrations #1642

Internal changes

Add link to compatibility requirements in #1610
Manually build PHP for randomized tests images #1616
Eliminate PHP 5 references from master #1626
Remove PHP 5 from CI and fetch it instead from the latest PHP-5 branch build #1624
Fix test_web on PHP 8.0 #1631
Add g1a/composer-test-scenarios and symfony/flex to composer allow-plugin list #1637
(PHP 5) Run WordPress testsuite actually against PHP 5 #1638
Test debian bullseye instead of stretch in CI #1644
Update rel env to use 0.75.0 (#1620)
Disable clang format check in CI #1619
Add one more allow-plugins in root composer.json #1646
(PHP 5) Add g1a/composer-test-scenarios and symfony/flex to composer allow-plugin list #1647

Profiling (v0.7.0)


Do not upload empty profiles. See DataDog/[email protected] for details.


Fix a small memory leak with env var handling.


Add SAPI as profile tag.
Add support for DD_PROFILING_EXPERIMENTAL_CPU_TIME_ENABLED env var. It previously supported this functionality under a different, undocumented name.

gRPC 1.47.0
– gRPC Core 1.47.0 update
PDO_TAOS 1.0.2
Fixed bug when the subquery field value is empty.
Fixed warnings when compiling with higher versions of gcc.
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