Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.13.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

gRPC 1.39.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.39.0 update
mongodb 1.9.2
** Bug
* [PHPC-1839] – MongoDBBSONtoPHP() is rewriting $typeMap argument
* [PHPC-1869] – Redact sensitive commands from command monitoring
awscrt 1.0.4
Changes in build process
awscrt 1.0.3
Changes in build process
awscrt 1.0.2
Changes in build process
ast 1.0.13
– Indicate in metadata that ‚AST_CLASS_CONST_GROUP‘ and ‚AST_CLASS_CONST_DECL‘ can have MODIFIER_FINAL
(and any modifier a class element can have, to reflect what the parser can actually parse)
– Support php 8.1 intersection types, add node kind ‚AST_TYPE_INTERSECTION‘
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PHP 8.2.16 released!

PHP 8.3.3 released!

PHP 8.1.27 released!

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