Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.20.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

swoole 4.7.0
New APIs

Added ProcessPool::detach() (#4221) (@matyhtf)
Added onDisconnect callback for SwooleServer (#4230) (@matyhtf)
Added Coroutine::cancel() (#4247) (#4249) (@matyhtf)
Added http_compression/body_decompression options for Http Client (#4299) (@matyhtf)


Supported mysql client prepare field type identification (#4238) (@Yurunsoft)
Supported c-ares, Refactor DNS (#4275) (@matyhtf)
Supported setting different idle time for each port (#4290) (@matyhtf)
Supported SW_DISPATCH_CO_CONN_LB and SW_DISPATCH_CO_REQ_LB for SwooleServer dispatch_mode (#4318) (@matyhtf)
Supported timeout for SwooleConnectionPool::get (swoole/library#108) (@leocavalcante)
Supported CURLOPT_PRIVATE for Hook Curl (swoole/library#112) (@sy-records)
Optimized PDOStatementProxy::setFetchMode function prototype (swoole/library#109) (@yespire)


Fixed uncaught thread creation exception when creating a large number of coroutines (swoole/swoole-src@8ce5041) (@matyhtf)
Fixed the „make install“ missing php_swoole.h header file (#4239) (@sy-records)
Fixed EVENT_HANDSHAKE BC (#4248) (@sy-records)
Fixed SW_LOCK_CHECK_RETURN (#4302) (@zmyWL)
Fixed problems with SwooleAtomicLong M1 chip (swoole/swoole-src@e6fae2e) (@matyhtf)
Fixed missing return value of Coroutinego (swoole/library@1ed49db) (@matyhtf)
Fixed StringObject consistency between other methods and its immutability (swoole/library#111) (@leocavalcante)
Fixed StringObject substr error (swoole/library#113) (@sy-records)


Did not hook disabled functions (#4283) (@twose)


Added Cygwin build (#4222) (@sy-records)
Added alpine 3.13 and 3.14 into building test (#4309) (@limingxinleo)

xlswriter 1.4.0
– Fix disable reader build failed.
– Fix insertDate use curtom format segmentation fault.
– Feat custom free resource.
– Feat writer validation.
– Feat writer data validation can be applied to a single cell or a range of cells.
– Feat reader add file path in open file exception message.
– Feat exit worksheet.
– Feat set paper.
– Feat set margins.
– Build read module is enabled by default.
– Perfect exception message.
– Compatible PHP 8.1 API.
– Destructive rename method setPrintedLandscape to setLandscape
– Destructive rename method setPrintedPortrait to setPortrait
runkit7 4.0.0a3
– Fix edge case copying internal functions in runkit7_function_redefine
– Avoid conflicts with other extensions that use reserved memory slots for internal function definitions.
– Fix compilation and test errors in php 8.1
– Allow using objects in global constants and class constants in php 8.1+ (
– Make runkit_constant_redefine fail if the constant does not already exist
– Make runkit_constant_remove/redefine fail on enum cases (support for modifying enum cases is not implemented)
mongodb 1.10.0
** Bug
* [PHPC-1420] – Using replicaSet triggers __fortify_fail() from /lib64/
* [PHPC-1529] – Reset libmongocrypt’s key vault client after forking
* [PHPC-1720] – Move mongoc_client_set_error_api after check for null client pointer
* [PHPC-1721] – Fix argument order for some ecalloc function calls
* [PHPC-1722] – Persistent clients and their HashTable should be destroyed in GSHUTDOWN
* [PHPC-1870] – Fix zSeries build failure due to redefinition of WORDS_BIGENDIAN
* [PHPC-1879] – Session::getTransactionOptions() leaks mongoc_transaction_opt_t

** Epic
* [PHPC-1666] – Allow per-client event subscribers
* [PHPC-1731] – Versioned MongoDB API for Drivers
* [PHPC-1756] – Remove all oppressive and unnecessarily gendered language from driver projects

** New Feature
* [PHPC-1645] – Allow disabling of libmongoc client persistence
* [PHPC-1684] – Support Azure and GCP keystores in FLE
* [PHPC-1716] – Allow configuring ServerApi in Manager class
* [PHPC-1804] – Implement Manager::addSubscriber and removeSubscriber

** Task
* [PHPC-1513] – Remove php_phongo_cursor_to_zval
* [PHPC-1685] – Drop support for PHP 7.0
* [PHPC-1782] – Support Removal of Several Platform Builds
* [PHPC-1792] – Update copyright years in file headers
* [PHPC-1835] – Rotate credentials and environment vars for Atlas connectivity tests
* [PHPC-1841] – Remove oppressive language from the documentation
* [PHPC-1842] – Remove oppressive language from the source code
* [PHPC-1848] – Test against 5.0 servers
* [PHPC-1864] – Cut 5.0 Compat. GA Release
* [PHPC-1866] – Specify 5.0 cursor behaviour
* [PHPC-1872] – Fix server-executeQuery-008.phpt for RS config with arbiter
* [PHPC-1877] – MongoDB 5.0.0-rc2 cannot be downloaded on rhel71-power8

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1366] – Declare libbson vtable in MINIT instead of using a global
* [PHPC-1367] – Move libmongoc init/cleanup within scope of custom libbson vtable
* [PHPC-1474] – Expose transaction information in debug info for session
* [PHPC-1490] – Add support for var_export() and __set_state() in CursorId.c
* [PHPC-1681] – Support parsing $uuid as extended JSON representation for subtype 4 binary
* [PHPC-1737] – Use zend_hash_graceful_reverse_destroy to free persistent client HashTable
* [PHPC-1753] – Define error handling behavior of writeErrors and writeConcernError on Mongos
* [PHPC-1754] – Drivers should not inspect error messages for „not master“ or „node is recovering“
* [PHPC-1762] – Expose the Reason an Operation Fails Document Validation
* [PHPC-1765] – Mitigate pain of using field names with dots and dollars
* [PHPC-1791] – Specify correct return type in __set_state protos
* [PHPC-1798] – Update serverSelectionTimeoutMS of MongoClient to mongocryptd
* [PHPC-1803] – Use „hello“ command when API Version is declared
* [PHPC-1813] – Unpin session after aborting a transaction
* [PHPC-1821] – Driver Handling of DBRefs
* [PHPC-1836] – Remove slaveOK connection string option from URI parsing
* [PHPC-1840] – Use „hello“ command for monitoring if supported
* [PHPC-1855] – Bump maxWireVersion for MongoDB 5.0

datadog_trace 0.61.0
### Added
– Add DDTraceget_current_context #1227
– Create property ZAI seam for PHP 8 #1246
– Create exceptions ZAI seam for PHP 8 #1248
– Run mongodb-driver testsuite in CI with and without the tracer #1255
### Changed
– Move mapping-settings to be deserialized as a zend_array * #1253
### Fixed
– Remove TSRMLS_C from DDTracecurrent_context #1249
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