Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.27.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

ev 1.1.4
Fixed tests with PHP versions 8.1.0beta (both NTS and ZTS) and 5 ZTS. Thanks to Remi Collet.
ev 1.1.3
Fixed #43: watcher was not stopped on an uncaught exception in the callback.
igbinary 3.2.4
* Forbid serializing classes that deny serialization/unserialization (anonymous classes, CURLFile, etc.) even when subclasses implement ‚__serialize‘ and ‚__unserialize‘
ast 1.0.14
– Support php 8.1 readonly properties with the flag ‚MODIFIER_READONLY‘
– Support php 8.1 first-class callable syntax, add the node kind ‚AST_CALLABLE_CONVERT‘
– Change the current AST version from 80 to the new version 90. AST version 85 is no longer experimental.
gRPC 1.39.0
– gRPC Core 1.39.0 update
imagick 3.5.1
– Better detection of appropriate OpenMP library to use, i.e. GCC or Clang.
datadog_trace 0.62.0
### Added
– ZAI env #1250
– Add ZAI component for reading headers #1256
– (PHP 8) Add proper exception and error reporting #1272
– (PHP 8) Register SpanData->exception property and store exception info there instead of internally #1281
### Changed
– Refactor internal span objects to be allocated together with their internal data #1254
– Enforce metrics to be floats in internal serializer #1258
– Allow for global debug mode, add zai testing to Makefile and more minor testing improvements #1265
– Move DDTraceFormat to src/api #1271
– Moving spans from userland to extension #1262
### Fixed
– Fix msgpack serialization of empty arrays #1259
– Set SECBIT_NO_SETUID_FIXUP to prevent crashes after setuid() calls #1276
– Apply original curl headers when curl_setopt_array() fails #1279
– Fix owner of files included in the distributed .tar.gz archive #1280
– Fix tests: Pin Symfony 4 tests to laminas/laminas-code < 4.4 #1266
imagick 3.5.1RC1
– Better detection of appropriate OpenMP library to use, i.e. GCC or Clang.
mysql_xdevapi 8.0.26
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