Community News: Latest PECL Releases (08.03.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

datadog_trace 0.62.1
### Fixed

Add linux/securebits.h to CentOS docker container, to have it present in linux build artifacts #1286
Handle an additional case of capabilities being dropped within our background sender #1287

uopz 7.0.0
– Fix #145 uopz_find_hook segfault with PHP 8.0
– Fix #140 segfault with PHPUnit 9.5 caused by uopz_del_function
– Don’t remove methods of immutable classes
– PHP 8 support
– Drop PHP 7 support
couchbase 3.2.0
PCBC-750: Deprecate `getScope` in collections manager.
PCBC-725: Add support for collections to Full Text Search.
PCBC-764: Serialize `BooleanSearchQuery->mustNot` to `“must_not“`.
PCBC-709: Add scope level analytics queries.
PCBC-732: Expose partition information for query indexes.
PCBC-733: Add analytics index manager.
PCBC-769: Do not allow using CAS with counter operations, which are always atomic.
PCBC-767: Fix URL for collection create method.
PCBC-738: Add `preserveExpiry` support for mutations (`replace`, `upsert` and `mutateIn`).
PCBC-700: Manage remote links for analytics service.
PCBC-706: Provide tracing interface.
PCBC-743: Provide metrics interface.
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