Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.04.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

gRPC 1.50.0RC1
– gRPC Core 1.50.0 update
openswoole 4.12.0
. New server option: `enable_server_token`, disable by default
. Compatible with PHP 8.2 latest changes (PHP-8.2-RC3)
. Fix: ignore user set encoding if it is not supported
. Fix: Remove illegal http header
. Fix convert double sec to long microseconds in hooked usleep by @shandyDev
simdjson 2.0.4
* Add `-fvisibility=hidden` to compiler options to reduce compiled extension size by avoiding exporting symbols by default.
* If the requested json parsing $depth is excessively large when reallocating larger buffers for the C simdjson parser,
then internally use a smaller $depth that would behave identically with lower memory usage. (#66)
* Update simdjson to properly reject surrogate pairs with an invalid low surrogate. (
protobuf 3.21.7
* See for release notes.
protobuf 3.20.3
* See for release notes.
protobuf 3.19.6
* Fixed a data loss bug that could occur when the number of optional fields in a message is an exact multiple of 32. (#9440).
datadog_trace 0.80.0
### Added


Make sampling priorities public API again #1742


Fix behaviour of return false in trace hooks #1749
Handle non-binaries in installer #1743
Fix mishandling of payload size limit #1750

Internal changes

Profiling (v0.10.1)


Match the service names of the tracer when unset or empty #1733
Avoid crashing when pcntl_fork is called #1745

Application Security Monitoring (v0.4.3)


Return error response in helper when incoming message can’t be unpacked DataDog/dd-appsec-php#120
Avoid creating a log file during MINIT/MSHUTDOWN DataDog/dd-appsec-php#124
Handle helper errors gracefully DataDog/dd-appsec-php#127
Reset context on shutdown DataDog/dd-appsec-php#130
Handle errors on request shutdown DataDog/dd-appsec-php#132

Internal changes

Enable CI on all relevant branches DataDog/dd-appsec-php#123

phalcon 5.0.2
Full changelog can be found at:


Fixed PhalconHtmlEscaper::attributes() to accept any value and transform it to string #16123

Fixed PhalconLoggerAbstractLogger::getLevelNumber() to better check for string levels #16123
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