Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.12.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

datadog_trace 0.66.0
### Breaking changes

Global tags are now assigned early. This means that users have to make sure to not overwrite meta, but only add to it instead, if they don’t want to lose global tags. Wrong: $span->meta = [ 'some' => 'tag' ]. Correct $span->meta['some'] = 'tag'.
Support for legacy param DD_TRACE_RESOURCE_URI_MAPPING has been dropped with the migration to C code, after more than a year of deprecation. Use DD_TRACE_RESOURCE_URI_FRAGMENT_REGEX, DD_TRACE_RESOURCE_URI_MAPPING_INCOMING, and DD_TRACE_RESOURCE_URI_MAPPING_OUTGOING instead. See resource mapping for more details.


(PHP 8) Migrate _dd.origin and distributed header sending to internal (#1267)
(PHP 5) Add headers ZAI implementation (#1308)
Add support for PHP 8.1 (#1297)


(PHP 7, 8) Internal (root) span initialization (#1329)


(PHP 5, 7, 8) Remove all lines containing zai_sapi from config.m4 (#1333)
(PHP 7, 8) Fix unnamed service spans caused by improper handling of DD_TRACE_ENABLED (#1332)

APCu 5.1.21
– Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.1 by adding return types to APCUIterator.
– APCUIterator::current() and ::key() can no longer be called on an invalid iterator.
xlswriter 1.5.0
– Feat set current line.
– Feat get current line.
– Feat rich string.
excimer 1.0.1
– Filter null bytes out of the collapsed output
– Fix segfault in ZTS mode
– Fix [-Wincompatible-pointer-types] with PHP 8
protobuf 3.18.1
* No new changes in 3.18.1
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PHP 8.3.7 released!

PHP 8.2.19 released!

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