Community News: Latest PECL Releases (10.18.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

scoutapm 1.8.3
– Improved MINFO output for curl availability (#126)
phalcon 5.0.4
Full changelog can be found at:


Fixed PhalconEncryptionSecurity to take into account the workFactor in the cost calculation #16153

Removed double unserializing during Model caching #16035, #16131

Fixed PhalconDbAdapterPdoMysql::describeIndexes to assign an empty string in the index type of null and remove warnings #16157

Fixed PhalconDbAdapterPdoSqlite::describeIndexes to assign an empty string in the index type of null and remove warnings #16157

Fixed PhalconMvcModelManager::notifyEvent to return true instead of null on success #16161

Fixed PhalconEncryptionSecurityJWTValidator::validateExpiration to correctly validate the exp claim #16166

gRPC 1.50.0
– gRPC Core 1.50.0 update
simdjson 3.0.0
* Add SimdJsonValueError. In php 8.0+, it extends ValueError, and it extends Error in older php versions.
This provides an API similar to the JSON module, which started throwing ValueError for invalid depths in php 8.0.
* Throw SimdJsonValueError instead of emitting notices if $depth is too small or too large in all simdjson PHP functions.
simdjson_is_valid(), simdjson_key_count() and simdjson_key_exists() now have non-null return types.
* Throw a SimdJsonException in simdjson_key_exists on error conditions such as invalid json, to be consistent with other simdjson PHP functions.
* Add an optional boolean `$throw_if_uncountable = false` to simdjson_key_count.
When this is overridden to be true, simdjson_key_count will throw a SimdJsonException if the JSON pointer refers to a value that exists but is neither an array nor an object instead of returning 0.
* Rename the parameter $assoc to $associative in simdjson_decode and simdjson_key_value, to match naming practices used in json_decode()
igbinary 3.2.9
* Fix invalid release artifact name in job to build dlls for
igbinary 3.2.8
* Reduce excessive inlining to reduce shared library size.
* Miscellaneous optimizations.
* Update test expectations to handle changes to var_export output (fully qualified class names) in PHP 8.2.
* Throw an Error when igbinary_unserialize would add dynamic properties to class definitions that forbid them in PHP 8.0+
(especially PHP 8.2 `readonly` classes)
* Emit a deprecation notice when igbinary_unserialize() adds dynamic properties to a class without `#[AllowDynamicProperties]` in PHP 8.2.
Doing that would become an Error in PHP 9.0.
* Set up CI job to build dlls on – at the moment, the infrastructure used by the Windows for php team has been broken for months.
var_representation 0.1.4
* No code changes.
* Adds steps to build DLLs for Windows in CI.
simdjson 2.1.0
* Allow out of range 64-bit values in JSON integer syntax and allow floating point values outside of the max/min finite floating point values (i.e. parsing to +/- infinity).

This allows simdjson_decode() to be used as a replacement for json_decode() in more use cases.

Return the correct value in simdjson_key_count() for JSON pointers to arrays/objects exceeding size 0xFFFFFF.
Previously, this would be limited to returning at most 0xFFFFFF(16777215).
Throw ‚SimdJsonException extends RuntimeException‘ instead of RuntimeException.
Set the error code from simdjson as SimdJsonException->getCode()
Expose error_code constants from simdjson as SIMDJSON_ERR_$ERRCODENAME

var_representation 0.1.3
* Fix improper detection of VAR_REPRESENTATION_UNESCAPED flag. The var_representation function was previously checking for VAR_REPRESENTATION_SINGLE_LINE due to missing parenthesis in a bitwise operation.
simdjson 2.0.5
* Reuse PHP’s 1-byte and 0-byte interned strings in simdjson_decode, reducing memory usage for those strings. (e.g. for the key/value in ‚{„x“:““}‘)
* Return correct count in simdjson_key_count. Properly return counts larger than 0xFFFFFF instead of returning 0xFFFFFF.
bsdiff 0.1.2
– Add PECL configuration option „with-bz2“.
– Include version numbers in phpinfo.
timezonedb 2022.5
Updated to version 2022.5 (2022e)
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