Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.02.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

jsonpath 0.9.5
## Bug fixes

Fix issues 143, 145, 146 @mkaminski1988 (#147)


Add PECL release process @crocodele (#148)
Add instructions for building the extension with PECL @crocodele (#141)

swoole 4.8.1
New APIs

* Added swoole_error_log_ex(), swoole_ignore_error() (#4440) (@matyhtf)


Migrate admin api from ext-swoole_plus to swoole-src (#4441) (@matyhtf)
Added get_composer_packages command for admin server (swoole/library@07763f46) (swoole/library@8805dc05) (swoole/library@175f1797) (@sy-records) (@yunbaoi)
Added POST method request restrictions for write operations (swoole/library@ac16927c) (@yunbaoi)
Supported to get the method information of the class by get_function_info (swoole/library@690a1952) (@djw1028769140) (@sy-records)
Optimized admin server code (swoole/library#128) (swoole/library#131) (@sy-records)
Supported to request multiple groups of server information for admin server (swoole/library#124) (@sy-records)
Supported to get interface info for admin server (swoole/library#130) (@sy-records)
Supported CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL for SWOOLE_HOOK_CURL (swoole/library#126) (@sy-records)


Prohibit coroutine concurrent join (#4442) (@matyhtf)
Fixed init_row, don’t clear lock_ and lock_pid (#4446) (@Txhua) (@matyhtf)
Fixed missing helper options (swoole/library#123) (@sy-records)
Fixed get_static_property_value command error (swoole/library#129) (@sy-records)

mongodb 1.11.0
** Bug
* [PHPC-1982] – Use bson_gettimeofday for Windows compatibility
* [PHPC-1983] – php_phongo_write_concern_to_zval uses invalid type for 32-bit platform
* [PHPC-1984] – Incorrect return type in Server::getLatency() documentation
* [PHPC-1989] – CommandSucceededEvent debug info omits fields

** Epic
* [PHPC-1752] – Load Balancer Support

** New Feature
* [PHPC-1849] – Handle deprecation of Serializable in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1889] – Support snapshot session option
* [PHPC-1890] – Create constant for snapshot read concern level
* [PHPC-1976] – Add load balancer serviceId to command monitoring events
* [PHPC-1978] – Expose libmongoc service ID mocking via INI option
* [PHPC-1980] – Create Server::TYPE_LOAD_BALANCER constant for use with Server::getType

** Task
* [PHPC-1897] – Test serialization of BSON with embedded null bytes in strings
* [PHPC-1918] – BSON corpus code and symbol tests are partially testing the wrong types
* [PHPC-1930] – Remove disabled __wakeup() function in CursorId
* [PHPC-1935] – Add .dep files to .gitignore
* [PHPC-1961] – Regex decoding error tests in top.json have unexpected, invalid syntax
* [PHPC-1965] – Re-enable and stabilise PHP 8.1 build on GitHub actions
* [PHPC-1968] – Migrate Atlas testing from server 3.4 to 4.0
* [PHPC-1975] – Disable SKIPIF caching for skip_if_not_clean on PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1977] – Add load balancer topology to Evergreen matrix
* [PHPC-1992] – Add load balanced serverless connectivity tests

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1538] – Lift restriction on authSource without credentials
* [PHPC-1858] – Add return type to arginfo for JsonSerializable::jsonSerialize() in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1875] – Disable writes on snapshot sessions
* [PHPC-1876] – Raise client error for snapshot sessions on pre-5.0 servers
* [PHPC-1933] – Add return type to arginfo for Iterator and Countable methods in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1937] – ReadPreference for Manager::selectServer() should be optional and default to primary
* [PHPC-1979] – Use mongoc_client_get_handshake_description for LoadBalancer server types
* [PHPC-1985] – Server::getLatency() should return null if unset

dbase 7.1.1
Bug Fixes

Fixed GH-1 (dbase_add_record() converts passed floats and leaks memory)
Fixed #81563 (SIGSEGV reading dbase file with few data)

scoutapm 1.4.3
– Fixed segfault when static anonymous functions are called (#94)
protobuf 3.19.1
* No new changes in 3.19.1
xlswriter 1.5.1
– Feat customize to enable or disable zip64.
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