Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.14.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

datadog_trace 0.93.2
## Tracer


[PDO] injectDBIntegration should be public. #2351

ast 1.1.1
– Added support for PHP 8.3
– In version 100, `AST_CLASS_CONST_GROUP` nodes have a `type` child node to represent typed class constants.
APCu 5.1.23
– Revert use of monotonic clock for TTL (#451)
– Fix a crash when serializing packed arrays (e.g. lists) in PHP 8.2+ with `apc.serializer=default`.
– Reduce memory usage when serializing packed arrays (e.g. lists) in PHP 8.2+ with `apc.serializer=default`.
– Speed up serializing arrays with `apc.serializer=default`.
– Reduce memory usage when unserializing instances of the empty array in PHP 7.3+.
– Removed no longer working apcue extension.
– Increased limit on maximum number of slots.
– Made tests compatible with PHP 8.3.
rpminfo 1.1.0
– check open_basedir restriction
– new function: rpmgetsymlink(string $path, string $name): ?string
openswoole 22.1.0
. PHP 8.3 support
. Latest curl support
. Fix php_url_encode_hash_ex call for 8.3 @remicollet
. Add missing header for GCC 13 @remicollet @erfanmola
. Implement draft statements object LOB for postgresql @mrVrAlex
. Bug fix for postgresql

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