Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.30.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

openswoole 4.8.1
– Fix build with postgresql 9 on RHEL

Fix data type bugs

openswoole 4.8.0
– Official PHP 8.1 stable support ????
– Native support for Postgres coroutine client, enable –with-postgres[=DIR]
– New HTTP server option: max_request_execution_time
– Support strict type hinting and fix the type of arguments, return value
– Bug fixed: data loss bug in Swoole table
– Bug fixed: compile issues when enabling OpenSSL on macOS
– Throw SwooleException when Swoole table is too small to avoid data loss
– Deprecation warning added: SwooleCoroutineServer
– Deprecation warning added: SwooleCoroutineBarrier
– Deprecation warning added: SwooleCoroutineHttpServer
– Deprecation warning added: SWOOLE_HOOK_CURL, use SWOOLE_HOOK_NATIVE_CURL
ast 1.0.16
– Optimize instantiating properties of astNode and astMetadata.
– Document that astNode implements `#[AllowDynamicProperties]` in php 8.2
ast 1.0.15
– Allow astNode to have dynamic properties without emitting a notice in PHP 8.2.
rdkafka 6.0.0RC2
## Bugfixes
– Fix crash in RdKafkaTopicPartition::__construct() (#491, @remicollet)
rdkafka 5.0.2
## Bugfixes
– Fix arginfo on getMetadata(), queryWatermarkOffsets() (#494)
pcov 1.0.10
– Use zend_new_interned_string instead of hand-rolling
– Use ZEND_MOD_END to fix build warning
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