Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.13.2022)

Latest PECL Releases:

scoutapm 1.9.0
– Add PHP 8.2 support (#125)
xdebug 3.2.0
Thu, Dec 08, 2022 – Xdebug 3.2.0

New features:

Fixed issue #1819: Allow a list of headers in ‚xdebug.client_discovery_header‘
Fixed issue #2079: Add pseudo hosts xdebug://gateway and xdebug://nameserver
Fixed issue #2086: Include return value in return breakpoint interruption response
Fixed issue #2087: Introduce step for the return state and virtual property for return value


Fixed issue #2062: Xdebug now records whether systemd’s PrivateTmp is used in its diagnostics information
Fixed issue #2104: Add support for PHP 8.2 „SensitiveParameter“ attribute
Fixed issue #2117: Removed emulated properties for closures, as PHP 8.2 adds debug information for them
Fixed issue #2122: Local variables are now available when using start_upon_error
Fixed issue #2123: Add warning in log and diagnositics information when a breakpoint is set on a non-existing file
Fixed issue #2138: Step debugger now disconnects and continues running the script, when the debugging client closes the connection
Fixed issue #2136: Duplicate line/conditional breakpoints are now rejected


Fixed issue #2014: Drop support for PHP 7.2
Fixed issue #2102: Drop support for PHP 7.3
Fixed issue #2103: Drop support for PHP 7.4

= Fixed bugs:

Fixed issue #2002: xdebug_trace_handler_t handler members are not always checked for NULL when executing
Fixed issue #2045: Inapproriate frowny face
Fixed issue #2089: Alpine Linux does not support res_ninit
Fixed issue #2093: Fatal error: linux/rtnetlink.h: No such file or directory linux/rtnetlink.h
Fixed issue #2098: With breakpoint_include_return_value enabled step_out break at every function
Fixed issue #2105: 3.2.0alpha1 package misses the php-header.h file
Fixed issue #2108: Segfault on PHP8.1 with PHPUnit 10 when path coverage is enabled
Fixed issue #2113: Crash at step_into after thrown exception with return value debugging en
Fixed issue #2121: Xdebug does not use local independent float-to-string functions
Fixed issue #2124: Xdebug incorrectly reports that there are no children for static closure properties, even though there are
Fixed issue #2125: Crash with PHP 8.2 on 32-bit due to change in „not set“ value with CATCH opcode
Fixed issue #2126: Problems with retrieving global variables
Fixed issue #2127: Tracing does not handle NUL char in anonymous closure scope
Fixed issue #2133: Warning with regards to extra NUL character in xdebug_setcookie call
Fixed issue #2134: Xdebug stops at the line where the exception is created, not where it is thrown
Fixed issue #2135: Xdebug stops twice at the same line after a call breakpoint or xdebug_break()

protobuf 3.21.11
* See for release notes.
datadog_trace 0.82.0
### Added
– PHP-8.2 support #1800
– Add Elasticsearch 8 support #1808
– Add a Roadrunner integration #1813


Change to process_id #1796


Extract priority sampling whenever is string or int #1789
Fix crash during preloading on 8.1+ #1799
Fix $integration->setError() to also accept Error instances #1802
Fix ZEND_CATCH chaining logic #1803, #1814
Fix misbehaviour with 256+ hooks on a same function #1809
FIX PSR-4 autoloading in ComposerBootstrap class #1816 (Thanks @ls-youssef-jlidat)
Fix dropped spans causing an infinite loop #1818

Internal changes

Avoid deprecated zend_atol on PHP 8.2 #1778
Retry docker images not starting in CI #1807

Profiling (0.11.0)

Profiling now defaults to being enabled. This removes one step in onboarding as the environment variable DD_PROFILING_ENABLED no longer needs to be set to 1, which can be difficult in some situations. The recommended way to configure profiling is to use .ini settings, which is generally easier.


Add .ini support #1775.
Groundwork for allocation profiling #1794


Bump libdatadog to 0.9 #1782.
Bump env_logger to 0.9.3 #1804.

Internal Changes

Add troubleshooting to README #1761

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