Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.21.2021)

Latest PECL Releases:

pcov 1.0.11
– Fix anonymous function coverage
openswoole 4.9.0
– OpenMetrics and JSON format server metrics support
– Added more OpenSwoole server metrics
– Updated $server->stats() API
– Fix CurlMulti bugs
– Fix type bug in Process->wait
– Added Laravel Octane tests
– Added CentOS build tests
– Support disable Postgres with –with-postgres=n
redis 5.3.5
phpredis 5.3.5

This release adds support for exponential backoff w/jitter, experimental
support for detecting a dirty connection, as well as many other fixes
and improvements.

You can find a detailed list of changes in and package.xml
or by inspecting the git commit logs.

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phpredis 5.3.5

Fix typo in cluster_scan_resp [44affad2] (Michael Grunder)

phpredis 5.3.5RC1

Fixed segfault in redis_setoption_handler [692e4e84] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Fix masters array in the event of a cluster failover [bce692962] (Bar Shaul)

Fix 32 bit type error [672dec87f] (Remi Collet)

Fix radix character in certain locales [89a871e24] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

ZSTD Validation fix [6a77ef5cd] (Michael Grunder)

Remove superfluous typecast [b2871471f] (Remi Collet)

Updated documentation [f84168657, d017788e7, 20ac84710, 0adf05260,
aee29bf73, 09a095e72, 12ffbf33a, ff331af98, a6bdb8731, 305c15840,
1aa10e93a, d78b0c79d, c6d37c27c, a6303f5b9, d144bd2c7, a6fb815ef, 9ef862bc6]
(neodisco, Clement Tessier, T. Todua, dengliming, Maxime Cornet,
Emanuele Filannino Michael Grunder)

Travis CI Fixes
[a43f4586e, 4fde8178f, 7bd5415ac, fdb8c4bb7, d4f407470]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Minor fixes/cleanup
[2e190adc1, 99975b592, 9d0879fa5, 22b06457b]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Fix RedisArray constructor bug
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Moved to GitHub Actions
[4d2afa786, 502d09fd5] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Use more appropriate array iteration macro
[6008900c2] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Clean up session tests
[ab25ae7f3] (Michael Grunder)

RedisArray refactors [1250f0001, 017b2ea7f, 37ed3f079]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Use zend_parse_parameters_none helper
[a26b14dbe] (Remi Collet)

Support for various exponential backoff strategies
[#1986, #1993, 732eb8dcb, 05129c3a3, 5bba6a7fc],
(Nathaniel Braun)

Added experimental support for detecting a dirty connection
[d68579562] (Michael Grunder)

Created distinct compression utility methods (pack/unpack)
[#1939, da2790aec] (Michael Grunder)

[#1894, ae2382472, ed283e1ab] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

yac 2.3.1
– PHP8.1 Supports
yar 2.2.1
– Fixed build with PHP8.1
swoole 4.8.4
– Fixed compatibility of sockets hook with PHP-8.1
– Fixed compatibility of Table with PHP-8.1
– Fixed bug #4519
yaf 3.3.4
– Fixed build with PHP8.1
– change to using stub.php generated arginfos
yaconf 1.1.1
– Fixed build with PHP8.1
– Change to using stub.php generated arginfos
mongodb 1.12.0
** Epic
* [PHPC-1850] – Support PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1912] – CSFLE 1.0 KMIP Support

** New Feature
* [PHPC-2009] – Support tlsOptions encryption option

** Task
* [PHPC-1878] – Unexpected primary step down when testing on MongoDB latest
* [PHPC-1880] – Drop support for PHP 7.1
* [PHPC-1931] – Add PHP 8.1 to PHP toolchain
* [PHPC-1997] – Update calls to deprecated bson_atomic_int_add function
* [PHPC-2011] – Upgrade libmongoc to 1.20.0 and libmongocrypt to 1.3.0

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1942] – Support BSON Binary subtype 0x07 (column)
* [PHPC-2004] – Specify string return type in __toString() arginfos
* [PHPC-2007] – Explicitly implement Stringable for PHP 8+
* [PHPC-2010] – Type validation for autoEncryption.extraOptions
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