Community News: Latest PECL Releases (12.26.2023)

Latest PECL Releases:

event 3.1.0
Stable version based on 3.1.0RC1. Refer to release notes of 3.1.0RC1 for details.
phalcon 5.5.0
Full changelog can be found at:


Shifted minimal support from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0 #16477

Changed PhalconMvcModel::toArray to use getters if present #16320

Adjusted return types identical to original interface int|false in PhalconSessionAdapter*::gc() #16477

Changed return type of PhalconConfigAdapterIni::cast() to mixed #16477


Added support for PHP 8.3 #16477


Fixed PhalconFilterValidationValidatorNumericality to return false when input has spaces #16461

Fixed PhalconMvcModelResultsetSimple::toArray to ignore numeric indexes in case results come as not fetch_assoc #16467

mongodb 1.17.2
** Bug
* [PHPC-2337] – Performance degradation in 1.17 due to trace logging

** Task
* [PHPC-2335] – Replace usage of hub with gh in GitHub Action workflows

datadog_trace 0.96.0
Exception profiling is now enabled by default. You can manage it using the `DD_PROFILING_EXCEPTION_ENABLED` environment variable or the `datadog.profiling.exception_enabled` setting in the INI file. Although the `DD_PROFILING_EXPERIMENTAL_EXCEPTION_ENABLED` environment variable and `datadog.profiling.experimental_exception_enabled` INI setting still work, the new ones take precedence.



Implement extended sampling #2384


Add PHP 8.3 to supported versions #2417 (thank you @markwalet)
OTel: Fix analytics.event override (#2409)
Fix dddbs service mapping #2413
WordPress: Avoid Setting User ID When Unauthenticated #2424

Internal Changes

CI: Handle latest Alpine 3.19 image #2418
CI: Complements PHP 8.3 test suites #2419



GA exception profiling #2403
allow enabling all experimental features using datadog.profiling.experimental_features_enabled #2385

Internal Changes

run prof-correctness nightly in master branch #2420

ds 1.5.0
– Support for PHP 8.3
– Fix #194 @nielsdos
– Fix #200 @nielsdos
imap 1.0.0
– Initial PECL release
mcrypt 1.0.7
– Make release to advertise PHP 8.3 support, which it already had.
jsonpath 2.0.0
* Drop support for PHP 7.4 by @crocodele in
* Test with PHP 8.3 on Windows, unify naming and formatting in workflow files by @crocodele in

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